2016 Korean Film Festival

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Finally, the long wait is over because the most awaited 2016 Korean Film Festival is here once again. Centering on the theme "Strong Hearts", the event will feature five (5) outstanding movies that represent the strong willpower of an individual to assert decisions even in the face of strong opposition. The lineup includes Ode To My Father, The Beauty Inside, Confession of Murder, The Suspect, and How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. All films are with English subtitles. Head on to SM City Clark, SM Lanang Premiere, SM City Iloilo, SM City Cebu, SM City Dasmarinas and SM Megamall on the scheduled movie dates. As always, admission is FREE but to guarantee your seat, be at the cinema at least a couple of hours before the screening starts.


Ode To My Father
  • Revolves around Deok-soo (Hwang Jung-Min), a hardworking man who does everything to provide for his mother and other siblings while setting aside his own ambitions. Deok-soo becomes the breadwinner of his family at an early age after his father and sister are tragically separated from the rest of the family during the evacuation of Hungnam in 1950.
The Beauty Inside
  • Centers on Woo-jin (Kim Dae-Myung), a furniture designer who wakes up as a different person everyday regardless of gender, race, and age. He has resigned himself to a life alone until he falls in love with Hong E-soo (Han Hyo-joo). Since his physical identity changes frequently, he continues to visit her daily, acting as a customer that she has never seen before. Woo-jin finally musters up the courage to ask her out on a date. The perfect date passes by and Woo-jin, knowing that he will change once he fall asleep, attempts to stay awake for as long as he can. He meets E-soo for three consecutive days and E-soo also falls in love with him. However, Woo-jin can no longer fight sleep. He passes out and wakes up with a new face.
Confession of Murder
  • About Lee Du-seok (Park Si-hoo) who published an autobiography titled I am the Murderer, claiming responsibility for a series of murders that took place 17 years ago and describing all his murders in great detail. His book becomes a bestseller because of the author’s charming looks and his claims of repentance for his crimes. However, Detective Choi Hyeong-goo (Jung Jae-young), who was in charge of the investigation of all the ten murders, insists that Lee is in fact an imposter. Detective Choi chases Lee and challenges him to tell where the eleventh victim is, while Han Ji-Soo (Kim Young-ae), who is the mother of his last victim, seeks revenge with her family and friends. Out of the blue, another killer appears, casting doubt to whether Lee is the real serial killer.
The Suspect
  • Ji Dong-chul is a former top North Korean operative who is now a defector after being betrayed by his own country. His life is thrown into chaos after he’s framed for the murder of his boss and is forced to go on the run, chased by General Min Se Hoon (Park Hee Soon). Aided by a feisty documentary maker (Yoo Da In), Dong-chul tries to get to the bottom of the assassination, linked to a mysterious formula which may or may not be for a new and deadly chemical weapon. With Se Hoon and the director of national intelligence (Jo Sung Ha) on his trail, things get personal for Dong-chul when it becomes clear that the conspiracy also involves the killing of his wife and child years back.
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
  • Tells the story of Choi Bo-Na (Lee Si-Young) an assistant TV commercial editor for five years. Endless nights of overwork have caused her appearance to be a complete mess. After a grueling outdoor commercial shoot, her coworkers left back for Seoul without her. Stranded on a beach in the middle of nowhere, she comes upon a unique stall that sells various instructional tapes. While browsing the tapes, self-styled guru Dr. Swarski (Park Yeong-gyu) appears and urges her to buy his masterwork, "Manual on How to Use Men." Dr. Swarski tells her that it will give her the skills she needs to find success and happiness. After reluctantly following the instructions, Bo-na's life takes a drastic turn. She begins to experience professional success and men start wooing her including top hallyu star, Lee Seung-jae (Oh Jung-se)
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on to phil.korean-culture.org to view the screening schedule
  2. Go to the scheduled SM Cinema on the scheduled movie dates at least two (2) hours before the screening time to guarantee your seat
  3. First come, first served basis
  4. All films are with English subtitles
  5. Watch and enjoy as many films as you can
Promo Period: September 8 - October 16, 2016
  • September 8-11, 2016 - SM City Clark, Pampanga (Cinema 3)
  • September 15-18, 2016 - SM Lanang Premiere, Davao (Cinema 1)
  • September 22-25, 2016 - SM City, Iloilo (Cinema 8)
  • September 29-October 2, 2016 - SM City, Cebu (Cinema 5)
  • October 6-9, 2016 - SM City, Dasmarinas, Cavite (Cinema 5)
  • October 13-16, 2016 - SM Megamall, Mandaluyong (Cinema 6)
Promo Prize:
  • FREE Korean Films!
  • Watch FREE films
  • None
For more info, log on to phil.korean-culture.org or call 555-1711 or email info@koreanculture.ph