Refer Microsoft OneDrive to get FREE storage up to 10GB

Monday, August 22, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Short on your cloud storage like Dropbox and don't want to pay yet additional storage? Well if you already maxed your referrals on Dropbox (if you haven't done so learn how here), Microsoft OneDrive is able to provide FREE storage of up to 10GB giving you a total of 15GB (5GB included for all FREE users). Before you start you will need to have a Microsoft account. You can register here. Note that this link is a referral link that will give both of us additional 500MB. You can then later use your referral link under manage storage option menu to earn 500GB per referral until you get a max of 10GB for 20 referrals. OneDrive should be installed in your PC if you have Microsoft 8 and up. If you don't have a OneDrive yet for your PC or Mac, you can download here. Once downloaded, simply log in and find your OneDrive folder and make sure it's syncing in your toolbar so all your files are saved on the OneDrive cloud.