Robinsons Antipolo Food Trip

Saturday, March 19, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Wandering near or around Antipolo? You should make a stop at Robinsons Antipolo for some snacks, lunch or dinner. I was invited along with some bloggers to try out some of the restaurants there. Robinsons Antipolo is located at the junction of Sumulong Highway and Circumferential Road. Parking is FREE at the moment so no reason not to do a quick stop.

Robinsons Antipolo is a good sized mall. Plenty of stores and numerous food choices to go around. It has al fresco dining, perfect for Antipolo temperature at night. The al fresco area reminds me of the Robinsons Las Pinas mall I visited fairly recently.

First stop is The Shrimp Shack. I remember seeing another branch of this restaurant near our office in Robinsons Forum but I never got to try it yet.

Hawaiian Chicken Salad with Water Chestnuts - P155
Shrimp-Po Boy - P195
Seafood Bowl - P198

I like the salad. It has a hint of chilli which made it interesting. The seafood bowl is quite fresh but I would probably like more flavor infused to it.

Garlic Shrimp Scampi (5 pcs) - P185
Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti - P230
Surf and Turf - P330

The local white shrimps used on all shrimp dishes have consistent size. Too bad the head is removed because I love the flavor you get from the head. The menu did say to best get the flavor, suck the shrimp with the shell intact before peeling. You have the option to spice things up with the rice meals by getting the Chili Garlic shrimp instead of the basic Garlic shrimp.

Pineapple Upside down Cake - P175

Check out these P150 rice meal promos available every Monday - Thursday 11AM - 5PM.

Next stop Kampai Sushi bar. They have acoustic bar every Friday and Saturday night.

 Miso flavored Ramen - P248
Spicy Tuna Salad - P148
Kampai Special Maki - P248
Beef Yakiniku Bento box - P248

You could tell the ramen noodles are cooked just right from the firmness. The bowl also keeps the noodle warm quite long.

Halo-halo - P120
Sans Rival - P160

Made a quick stop at Marison's for some desserts. The presentation of the Halo-halo is mouth watering. The shaved ice is very fine and the "secret milk" they used is delicious. A must try especially this summer. Sans Rival with macadamia nuts is awesome. The cake doesn't stick to your teeth as you chew.

Another stop for dessert at Francine's. They are situated inside the mall right at its center. It's only a kiosk but there are a few tables so you sit at.

Gourmet cupcakes - P75
Red Velvet - P135
Chocolate Caramel

We capped the night with Filipino food at Romeo's. It had the feel of Kamayan or Cabalen but much cleaner. They have a traditional guitar ensemble that plays Tagalog, Spanish and English music playing every night. If you want to get intimate with your food with your hands, Romeo's have accessible wash area just outside the CR.

The spread that welcomed us was incredible. It was like we were having a fiesta.

Family Inihaw Fiesta Bilao 2 - P1,299

You have everything here. The liquid in the middle is not sauce but oyster kilawin. Yum! The bilao is served with various sauces you can dip your food in.

Romeo's Spicy Grilled Pork Short Ribs - P275
All Time Pinoy Favorite Crispy Pata - P549
Hot and Spicy Grilled Ginger Chicken - P275

It's not that I'm biased on spicy food but I did like both Short Ribs and Ginger Chicken. The marinade is infused with the meat.

Batangas Bulalo - P499
Pinakbet - Bagoong Isda - P175
Mixed Veggie with Quail Egg - P175

Oxtongue Lengua in Mushroom Sauce - P449
Mondongo Cagayano - P299

For the cultured foodies like myself. You won't stay away from the lengua and mondongo (similar to callos)

Jalapeno Tenderloin Steak - P599

I love steak and I love jalapenos. This dish is obviously a winner for me. It was the first thing that was finished on the table.

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