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Is your group of friends or family having a hard time deciding if you should eat at a buffet place like Viking or at a hotpot buffet? Don't sweat, you can have the best of both worlds with Four Seasons buffet and hotpot by Vikings. The buffet restaurant recently opened its second branch last October 2015 at Manhattan Parkview building in Araneta Center. It's just across Gateway mall.

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Unlike the Mall of Asia branch, the Cubao branch of Four Seasons has more food regular non-hotpot dishes. Here are the rates

Adult Weekday Lunch: 688
Adult Weekday Dinner: 888
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 888
*Prices are subject to 5% service charge.

The restaurant interior is equally posh and modern. It gives you that sense you are at a 5 star hotel. I like how they used food related text posters to give quirky accents.

Refreshments area has a wide assortment of juices, sodas, milk tea, coffee and local and Thai beer!

As with other regular buffets, you have the standard selection of salads, appetizers and sushi and sashimi.

Make sure you head over to the meat section for some protein loading. Must try is the Binusog na Lechon. They also have turkey, rib eye beef and lamb.

There are also some interesting dishes that have won awards from the Philippine Culinary Cup. I never got to try all because of the vast selection. Do try the fried fish (not sure what fish it is) and the Sweet Potatoes mashed w/ four Cheese & Marshmallow. Now doesn't that sound mouth watering?

As the restaurant name implies, one of the main highlights is the hotpot. Other hotpot places have a decent selection of ingredients you can choose from. Four Seasons Buffet takes it to a new level.They have all sorts of vegetables like corn, cabbage, okra, kangkong, beans, pechay, and a lot more set up in nicely chilled display racks. On another similar rack is another assortment of various kinds of tofu, dumplings, sausages, balls, and mushrooms. Good luck fitting all of your choices on the provided tray.

Seafood? Don't worry Four of Seasons got you covered. Shrimp, Fish, Squid, Clams and even Crab! Want that fishy taste? Choose from one of the fish heads available

For meat lovers, you definitely should spend time in the meat section. From an assortment of wontons to all kinds of innards of various animals. Yes innards like pork lung tube, isaw, tito and liver.

Adjacent to the meat section is a counter. There you will see this small meat station sign where you can request for meat slices or cuts that you would like to order. They will prepare the meat as you order so it's fresh. Lamb is always a good choice if you can handle the flavor!

Vegetarians will not feel left out with these savory vegetarian dishes.

Instead of rice, you should try these different noodles. Interesting flavors such as mushroom, squid and polanchay will keep you coming back.

Here's my first set of platter I got. Try getting the squeeze bag. You will see in a bit what it is.  

The table inside private rooms has individualized hotpots compared to the regular dining areas, which has a larger shared hotpot. You can control the heat using touch sensitive buttons beside the pot. There are 10 kinds of soup base or broth to choose from. I was recommended to get the Sukiyaki. It did not disappoint. Although there is a number of sauce choices you can try as a dip or additional mix to the broth, the broth itself is enough to stimulate your taste buds.

Simply put heat to high, wait for soup to boil then put everything you want to eat. Hotpot is so simple

Remember the squeeze bag I mentioned earlier? Well it's cuttlefish noodles. Just squeeze on boiling soup and wait for a few seconds to cook. You can make one strand long out of this bag. Fun to cook and eat. It's a bit heavy after a few bites so best if you can share a bag with someone else.

Kids and kids at heart can grab kiddie plates, cups and utensils.

Leave some room for some sweets. You can't go wrong with Big Scoop ice cream and Filipino desserts.

When you eat, don't forget to join the Vikings Dine & Fly Raffle or check existing deals like Birthdays and Group Discounts. There's also discounted vouchers available now on Ensogo

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