Globe GoSakto for my Budget

Friday, October 09, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Are you looking for a Globe promo just right for you? Well I found one for myself. Being a prepaid user, I like having full control of what I subscribe to considering my usage. With the Globe GoSakto feature, I analyzed the differences if I created my own GoSakto promo compared register existing promotions. Here's what I found.

First off, I didn't want the hassle of registering promotions every day or every few days. So my first consideration was to find a promo that I could last month long. Upon playing around with the GoSakto promo combinations (SMS and Calls only), I realized that there are only 2 ways you can get a 30 day promo. Either you need to register 1,000 SMS to globe or 500 call minutes to globe. Once you get either, you can combine it with other promotions you would like.

Here's a break down of the Globe GoSakto combinations

P207 for 30 days
  • 20 call minutes to globe 
  • 1000 SMS to globe 

P225 for 30 days
  • 100 call minutes to globe 
  • 1000 SMS to globe 
P242 for 30 days
  • 500 call minutes to globe 
  • 100 SMS to globe 
P259 for 30 days
  • 500 call minutes to globe 
  • 250 SMS to globe

If you are wondering why I left out mobile internet out of the picture, I'll give a surprising revelation.

Getting mobile minutes is more worthwhile if you get it as a standalone mobile internet promo. With GoSakto, you can't get 100MB. You can only get 50MB, which I find too small or 300MB for an additional P300 for the entire month. Compare that to the regular GoSurf promo of P300 for 1.5GB plus consumable HOOQ or Spotify and FREE Viber and Facebook 

So considering most of my contacts are online anyway on Viber, I thought I might as well send less urgent messages via Viber and just use SMS for urgent ones. As for calls, Viber can't seem to provide a stable voice connection via mobile internet yet. Maybe it's my phone, or maybe it's the internet connection. Until they work that kink out, it would probably best to stick to regular calls.

So to summarize, I would either choose Globe GoSakto P225 for 30 days with 100 call minutes to globe and 1000 SMS to globe then register for P100 GoSurf promo with 100MB plus consumable HOOQ or Spotify and FREE Viber and Facebook since I have access to wifi at home and work. Total monthly bill is P325 and probably a bit more for calls and SMS to other networks other than Globe.

UPDATE: You may also want to try out GOTSCOMBODD70 which gives you 1,000 SMS to Globe/TM plus 1GB of data for just P70 good for 7 days. For almost a month it's about P280. It can be closely compared to GoSurf worth P300 for 1.5GB that will is good for 30 days. Or the P99 GoSurf promo for 1GB good for 7 days.

Register for your own GoSakto promo and GoSurf promo by dialing #143*