Smart Clash of Clans PH Clash

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Ready for some action? Gather your troop of 5 members and join Smart's Clash of Clans Philippine Clash. Registration is FREE for all Smart subscribers. Non-Smart subscribers can also join but each member is required to pay P350 fee. All clans must be physically present at your choice of venue (SM City Cebu, SM Davao Lanang Premier, or SM City Baguio). With the tournament format "Royal Rumble," all clans will play simultaneously with no ranking or groupings. Battle it out for six (6) hours straight. The clan with the most number of trophies gained wins and will receive P500,000 + S6 phone + pocket wifi, P300,000 + pocket wifi, and P200,000 + pocket wifi. The 4th to 10th Placers will be rewarded with cash prizes worth P100,000, P70,000, P40,000, P30,000, P25,000, P20,000, and P15,000 respectively. Separate prizes will also be given to the Qualifiers ranging from P25,000, P10,000 and P5,000. Join now and be a part of the biggest Clash of Clans tournament in the country.
Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all Smart Subscribers
  • Local based clan with a maximum of five (5) players
  • Registration Fee
    • Smart Subscribers - FREE
    • Non-Smart Subscribers - P350 per member
Contest Requirements:
  1. Log on to and register
  2. Entry Guidelines
    • All clans must be physically present at your choice of venue
      • SM City Cebu
      • SM Davao Lanang Premier
      • SM City Baguio
    • All clans will battle it out for six (6) hours straight
    • Tournament Format: "Royal Rumble". All clans play simultaneously with no ranking or groupings
    • Must have at least Townhall 9 villages
    • All clans must be closed and remain closed for the whole duration of the tournament
    • Clans must create a new clan following the name format provided by the organizers on the day of the event itself
    • Any player who leaves the clan during the tournament may not re-join or be re-invited
    • There will be no limits on troop donation
  3. Baseline Cups
    • Clan Baseline Cups: 4,000
      • Each clan must start at a trophy range of 3,500 to 4,500 so as not to incur penalties
      • Penalty Computation: 50% of clan's excess cups will be deducted from your final trophy count as penalty
        • Example:
            Clan Baseline: 4,000 (+/-500)
            Clan's Actual Starting Cups: 5,000
            Excess: 500 cups
            Actual Penalty: 250 cups
    • Individual Baseline Cups: 1,800
      • You must not exceed 1,800 trophies at the onset of the event. If any clan member goes beyond the said individual baseline, penalties will be deducted from the clan
      • Penalty Computation: Actual number of trophies that a participant has which is over the set individual baseline of 1,800
        • Example:
          • Individual Baseline: 1,800
            Individual's Actual Starting Cups: 2,000
            Excess: 200 cups
            Actual Penalty: 200 cups
  4. Use of gems is not prohibited and will not be regulated
  5. Use of any 3rd party applications (iMod, xMod, etc) is strictly prohibited
  6. The clan with the most number of trophies gained wins
  7. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period:
NCR Qualifier
SM Light Residences Mall
August 2, 2015 – Sunday
South Luzon Qualifier
SM City Lipa
August 8, 2015 – Saturday
Visayas Qualifier
SM City Cebu
August 23, 2015 – Sunday
Mindanao Qualifier
SM Davao Lanang Premier
September 5, 2015 – Saturday
North Luzon Qualifier
SM City Baguio
September 18, 2015 – Friday
September 26, 2015 – Saturday
Contest Prize:
  • Finals
    • 1st – P500,000 CASH + S6 phone + pocket wifi
    • 2nd – P300,000 CASH + pocket wifi
    • 3rd – P200,000 CASH + pocket wifi
    • 4th – P100,000 CASH
    • 5th – P70,000 CASH
    • 6th – P40,000 CASH
    • 7th – P30,000 CASH
    • 8th – P25,000 CASH
    • 9th – P20,000 CASH
    • 10th – P15,000 CASH
  • Qualifiers
    • 1st – P25,000 CASH
    • 2nd – P10,000 CASH
    • 3rd – P5,000 CASH
  • HUGE cash prizes
  • FREE registration to Smart subscribers
  • There will be no limits on troop donation
  • Competition will run for 6 straight hours
  • P350 registration fee for each member who are Non-Smart subscriber
For more info, log on to