9th Int'l Silent Film Fest

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Moviegoers, it's time to celebrate the 9th International Silent Film Festival in Manila. Just like last year, everyone is invited to watch. The event will be opened with an invitational movie from Austria, Orlacs Hande, and will feature a live musical performance by The Executives, the country's oldest Big Band Jazz band. There will be a roster of  eleven (11) great films from Japan (Kokushi Muso, Wasei Kenka Tomodachi, Tokkan Kozo, and Ishikawa Goemon), Thailand (The Overture), Germany (Berlin, Die Sinfonie Der Grosstadt), Spain (Don Juan Tenorio), France (Paris Qui Dort), Italy (Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompei), USA (Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans) and our very own (Brides of Sulu). Admission is FREE but it's a first come first served basis. So, be sure to rush to Shang Cineplex, Cinema 2 at least 2 hours before the screening to guarantee your seat. Watch and enjoy as many films as you can.


Orlacs Hande / The Hands of Orlac (1924)
  • This Austrian film tells the story of Paul Orlac, a world-famous pianist whose hands are unfortunately mangled in a horrific train accident. His wife finds a surgeon who successfully transplants new hands onto him, but things take a strange turn post-recovery when he realizes they seem to have a will of their own. It turns out the hands once belonged to a recently executed murderer.
Brides of Sulu (1934)
  • It's a tale as old as time, but it's as appealing as ever. A beautiful Moro princess defies religious and moral laws by abandoning her arranged marriage and running away with her love, a pagan pearl diver. The angry tribesmen launch a furious pursuit to recapture their princess. The film was shot on location using Moro tribesmen, giving you a rare glimpse into a lost culture.
Kokushi Muso / Peerless Patriot (1932)
  • This film tells the story of Ise Isenokami, a master swordsman, and his impostor. It is revealed that the pretender is actually stronger than the real swordsman. After his first defeat, Isenokami trains himself and tries to beat the fake. When he loses again, he mumbles, "He who is right lost against he who is not right." The impostor replies: "It is not the right one who wins. He who wins is right."
Wasei Kenka Tomodachi / Fighting Friends Japanese Style (1929)
  • Tomekichi and his friend Yoshizo get acquainted with Omitsu, a homeless girl. The two pals love her, but she loves another, Okamura. One day Tomekichi and Yoshizo see Okamura walking with a geisha, and mistakenly assume that she is Okamura's lover. Getting angry, they prohibit Omitsu from going around with him. In fact, however, the geisha turns out to be Okamura's sister. Okamura marries Omitsu.
Tokkan Kozo / A Straightforward Boy (1929)
  • Some children are playing hide and seek. Bunkichi kidnaps a boy Tetsubo with an appetite for sweets. Unable to keep him under control, the kidnapper returns him to his boss, who refuses to take him back. He tries to dump him on his playmates, but he incites them to demand toys and other goodies from him.
Ishikawa Goemon No Hoji / A Buddhist Mass for Goemon Ishikawa (1930)
  • Goro Ishikawa, a descendant of Goemon Ishikawa, a legendary robber of the Edo period, brings a cauldron to an antique shop. Goro wants to marry Sayoko, the shop-owner's daughter. Refused by her father, Goro decides to elope with Sayoko. At night, Sayoko's father beats him to death. As a ghost Goro is so timid that he cannot get Sayoko. His timidity disposed Goemon, Goro's famous ancestor, to revive from the grave, persuade Sayoko’s father and make the couple marry.
The Overture (2004)
  • Set in the 1940s, the story is based on the life of a gifted palace musician named Sorn Silapabenleng. He clashes with his father when he refuses to play a traditional Thai instrument the proper way. According to organizers, the music featured in the film will be played live by the Royal Thai Navy Traditional Ensemble, who are usually assigned to Royal and State ceremonies
Berlin, Die Sinfonie Der Grosstadt / Berlin, Symphony of a Great City
  • If you've ever wanted to travel back in time to another place, this movie will do just that for you. The film documents a typical day in Berlin during the '20s, paying homage to its colorful characters and metropolis. The movie is one of the most famous silent classics directed by Walther Ruttman
Don Juan Tenorio (1922)
  • Have you ever heard the term, "Don Juan" to describe a person? Think of this movie as its origin story. This Spanish film is one of the many versions based on the classic 1844 play by Jose Zorilla. It tells the story of Don Juan, a womanizer who thinks he is invincible despite the reputations he ruins. He takes on his biggest challenge yet—seducing a young virgin about to take her holy vows
Paris Qui Dort / The Crazy Ray (1924)
  • The story kicks off when a crazy scientist invents a mysterious beam that immobilizes Paris and puts everyone to sleep. The only people awake are the passengers and pilot of an airplane. Together, they take over the famous capital.
Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompei / The Last Days of Pompeii (1924)
  • A well-respected citizen of Pompeii performs an act of kindness by buying Nidia, a blind slave being mistreated by her owner. Things get complicated when Nidia falls for her new master, while he only has eyes for another woman...who, in turn, is being pursued by an Egyptian high priest of Isis. The Dawn will be scoring the film with their quintessential rock sound, which should turn out to be interesting
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927)
  • Bored with his wife and routine-filled life, a farmer falls under the spell of a city girl who convinces him to drown his wife so they can run off together. When his wife becomes suspicious of him, she flees for the city and he pursues her. Slowly, they rediscover their love for each other. The film was selected for preservation by the United States Library of Congress for its cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance.
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on to and like the International Silent Film Festival Manila Facebook fanpage to view the screening schedule
  2. Go to the Shang Cineplex, Cinema 2, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City on the scheduled movie dates at least two (2) hours before the screening time to guarantee your seat
  3. Watch and enjoy as many films as you can!
Promo Period: August 27-30, 2015
  • August 27
    • Orlacs Hande (Invitational) - 8PM
  • August 28
    • Brides of Sulu - 5PM
    • Kokushi Muso - 7:30PM
    • Wasei Kenka Tomodachi - 7:30PM 
    • Tokkan Kozo - 7:30PM
    • Ishikawa Goemon No Hoji - 7:30PM 
  • August 29
    • The Overture - 1PM
    • Berlin, Die Sinfonie Der Grosstadt - 5PM
    • Don Juan Tenorio  - 7:30PM
  • August 30
    • Paris Qui Dort - 3PM
    • Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompei - 5PM
    • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans - 7:30PM
Promo Prize:
  • FREE International Films
  • Watch FREE films
  • None
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