Freego #SuperShapeMe Challenge

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Find your new shape of sexy in the Freego #SuperShapeMe Fitness Challenge. Get ready for 60 days of fun, sometimes painful challenges that’ll surely be worth the desirable physique! Be trained by two of the country's best and most reputable health and fitness experts Erwan Heussaff and Chris Tiu. From all the participants nationwide, only 10 men and 10 women will participate in the fitness challenge which includes posting of Digital Journal on your Instagram account and using the #SuperShapeName and the official #SuperShapeMe hashtags in all your posts. You may also use #FREEGOjeans and tag @freegojeans. In your Digital Journal, you are encouraged to post your Daily Food Collage and Post-Workout Photo. You will also be required to submit three (3) video confessions throughout the whole competition. One (1) male will win a Freego Body Circuit collection + All-expense paid trip for two to Coron, Palawan + a feature in Men's Health. Likewise, one (1) female will also receive a Freego Super Shaper Collection + All-expense paid trip for two to Coron, Palawan + a feature in Cosmo.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all local residents, 18 to 35 years old
  • Physically fit to complete the duration of the 60-day fitness challenge
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log on to and like Freego on Facebook and follow on Instagram and Twitter
  2. Fill out the online application form
  3. Screening
    • Shortlisted participants will be asked to attend a screening and interview session with distinguished panelists. This is to assess your ability to compete in the challenge, in terms of health, physical condition, and the like
    • Shortlisted provincial participants will be asked to attend a screening and interview session at SM City Davao. Note: You must be willing to shoulder your travel fees should you be selected for screening
    • On the audition day, you must sign a release form stating that
      • You are allowing the Freego team to shoot and possibly air your auditions
      • Should you be selected as one of the finalists, you need to be willing to travel to Metro Manila and live in Freego's hotel partner with other contestants for five weekends in the course of the 60-day fitness challenge
  4. The Final 20
    • Ten (10) female and ten (10) male finalists will be chosen to take part in FREEGO #SuperShapeMe Fitness Challenge!
    • All Finalists are required to attend the scheduled events in Manila which require an overnight stay
    • You will be asked to create a digital journal on your personal Instagram accounts throughout the 60-day fitness challenge
  5. Entry Guidelines for Digital Journal
    • Create your own digital journal and uploaded on your personal Instagram account. Your account must be set to public
    • Use your designated personal hashtag #SuperShapeName (Example: #SuperShapeMich) and the official #SuperShapeMe hashtag in all your posts. You may also use #FREEGOjeans and tag @freegojeans
    • You are encouraged to post in your Digital Journal in real-time, except for requirements that handle compilation i.e. the Daily Food Collage
    • The Digital Journal will comprise of the following:
      • Daily Food Collage - A daily photo collage summarizing all the meals and snacks that you consumed
        • You must post a creative daily collage of all the meals and snacks you eat everyday
        • You may use photo editing or photo collage apps to put together the individual photos
        • You must put the day and date on the caption where the meals were taken
        • Describe your meals for the day on the caption section
        • You will be given until after 24 hours to post the collage
      • Post-Workout Photo - A photo after every workout
        • After every exercise or fitness activity, you must take a photo of yourselves and upload it to your Instagram
        • Photo must at least capture the top of your head to your knees
        • Describe the just-finished workout, as well as how you feel or what you learned
      • Note: Aside from the Digital Journal, you may post any additional or real-time updates relevant to your journey in the Fitness Challenge in your accounts, including but not limited to: fitspirational quotes, photos taken group sessions and workouts with co-participants and/or mentors, temptations or challenges, OOTDs, etc.
  6. Video Confession
    • You must submit a video confession of yourself three times throughout the competition, before the group sessions and workouts
    • Video must show you answering the guide questions for the week
    • Videos should be in mp4 format, minimum of one minute and maximum of five (5) minutes
  7. Judging Criteria
    • 50% Total weight loss (fat percentage, weight and waistline)
    • 40% Overall performance (assessed by distinguished judges)
    • 10% Online Voting - Based on the total number of likes on your profile photo in the fitness challenge photo album
  8. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period:
  • Deadline for submission of application forms - August 1, 2015
  • Screening and Interview
    • Metro Manila - August 22, 2015
    • Provincial - August 16 2015, SM City Davao
  • Final 20
    • Kick-off event - September 5-6 
    • 3 group workout sessions
      • September 26-27
      • October 16-18
      • November 7-8 
    • Culminating activity - November 21-22
  • Deadline of Video Diaries
    • September 23, 2015, 5PM
    • October 14, 2015, 5PM
    • November 4, 2015, 5PM
Contest Prize:
  • Final Male
    • Freego Body Circuit collection 
    • All-expense paid trip for two to Coron, Palawan
    • A feature in Men's Health
  • Final Female
    • Freego Super Shaper Collection
    • All-expense paid trip for two to Coron, Palawan
    • A feature in Cosmo
  • Online submission
  • Win a trip!
  • Provincial participants must be willing to shoulder the travel fees should you be selected for screening
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