20th French Film Festival

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It's time for more popcorns again as we celebrate the 20th French Film Festival. Aiming to endorse French culture and support the country's film industry, the festival will feature critically-acclaimed French films and at the same time honor the classic and contemporary Philippine films. There are 19 outstanding movies in this year's roster + 1 of our own entitled Taklub which was starred by Ms. Nora Aunor. Some of the films that await moviegoers are La French, Le Havre, Eden, La Belle et la bête, Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table, 108 Rois-Démons, La Famille Bélier, Lulu femme nue, and many more. However, unlike in the previous events wherein admission is FREE, this time, you must buy your own movie ticket for P100 each. This is to cover the operational costs of the cinema. Enjoy watching as many films as you can available only at Greenbelt 3 and Bonifacio High Street Cinemas.



  • When is the time to give up? Taklub is a story of three major characters - Bebeth, Larry and Erwin, whose lives intertwine after the Supertyphoon Haiyan caused the city of Tacloban to its horrendous state - leaving the breathing figures in search of their dead ones, of keeping their sanity intact, and protecting what little faith there may be. Bebeth (Nora Aunor) searches for the remains of her three children in the hopes that any identified records could match a DNA test from those buried at the mass grave. Larry (Julio Diaz) lost his wife, consoles himself by joining a group of devout Catholics carrying a life size cross around the city. Erwin (Aaron Rivera) and his elder brother try to hide the truth of their parents’ death from their little sister. As if grieving from the lost of their loved ones is not enough, a series of turn of events - man made and natural, continue to test the endurance of the characters along with the rest of the people, awaiting for a time to wipe those slow repugnant tears.
Diplomatie (Diplomacy)
  • The night of August 24, 1944. The fate of Paris is in the hands of General von Choltitz, governor of Grand Paris, who is preparing, on Hitler’s orders, to blow up the French capital. The descendent of a long line of Prussian military men, the general has never had any hesitation when it came to obeying orders. This is what’s on Swedish consul Raoul Nordling’s mind as he takes the secret staircase that leads to General von Choltitz’s suite at the Hôtel Meurice. The bridges on the Seine and the major monuments of Paris (including the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower) are mined with explosives, ready to be detonated. Armed with all the weapons of diplomacy, the consul will try to convince the general not to follow Hitler’s order of destruction.
3 Coeurs (3 Hearts)
  • In a French provincial town, Marc encounters Sylvie one night, when he misses his train back to Paris. They wander through the streets until morning, immediately at ease, on the same wavelength, speaking about everything except themselves. When Marc gets the first train to Paris the following day, he asks Sylvie to come and meet him there a few days later. They know nothing about each other. Sylvie turns up for their rendezvous, but Marc unfortunately doesn't make it . He tries to find Sylvie, and in the process, encounters another woman, Sophie, unaware that she is Slyvie's sister.
Chante ton bac d'abord (We Did it on a Song)
  • This film tells the stormy tale of a group of friends from Boulogne-sur-Mer, a French town hit by the financial crisis. A year between dreams and disillusion, imagined by teenagers from a working or middle class background, with songs that regularly add poetry, laughter, and emotion to reality.
Dans la cour (In the Courtyard)
  • Antoine is a musician. Now into his forties, he abruptly decides to give up his career. After several days of doing nothing, he gets a job as a concierge. Mathilde lives in the old building in the east of Paris where Antoine finds work. This dynamic and generous retiree spends her time involved in charity work and overseeing the building's management. One evening, she discovers a worrying crack in the wall of her lounge. Little by little her anxiety increases and turns into panic. She begins to wonder whether the building is going to collapse. Antoine slowly becomes friends with this woman who he fears will sink into madness. Between slip ups and worries, the pair form an awkward duo, both supportive and a little peculiar, which will perhaps help them get through this bad patch.
  • In the 1990s, Paul gets his first taste of the world of Parisian nightlife. Mad about music, he creates a DJ duo, "Cheers," with his best friend. They rapidly find a fanbase and experience giddy, euphoric, dangerous, and ephemeral success as they rise in the House music world. Caught up in his passion, Paul forgets to construct his life.
  • Benjamin will become a great doctor, he was sure. But for its first internal internship in his father's service, nothing goes as planned. The practice proves tougher than theory. The responsibility is overwhelming, his father is absent subscribers and internal co-Abdel, a foreign doctor is more experienced than him. Benjamin will suddenly confront its limitations, fears, those of its patients, families, doctors, and staff. His initiation starts.
La Belle et la bête (Beauty and the Beast)
  • 1810. After losing all of his ships at sea, a ruined merchant is forced into exile in the countryside with his six children. Among them is Belle, his youngest daughter, a joyful girl full of grace and charm. One day, on an arduous journey, the merchant stumbles on the magical realm of the Beast, who condemns him to death for stealing a rose. Feeling responsible for the terrible fate that has befallen her family, Belle offers herself up in her father’s place. But at the Beast’s castle, it is not death that awaits her, but a strange life in which moments of enchantment are mingled with joy and sadness. Every evening at dinner time, Belle and the Beast sit down together. At first like strangers with nothing in common, they slowly discover one another. While Belle must reject his amorous advances, she tries to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Beast and his realm. When night falls, fragments of the Beast’s life are revealed to her in dreams, and she discovers a tragic story in which this lonely and ferocious Beast was once a stately prince. Armed with her courage to overcome countless dangers, Belle opens her heart and manages to release the Beast from his curse. In doing so, she discovers true love.
La Famille Bélier (The Bélier Family)
  • In the Bélier family, everyone is deaf except sixteen-year-old Paula. She is an indispensable interpreter for her parents in the daily running of the family farm and the selling of their homemade cheeses at the market. One day, encouraged by her music teacher, who has discovered her gift for singing, Paula decides to prepare for auditions for a singing course at Radio France in Paris. This choice means leaving her family and taking her first inevitable steps toward adult life.
La French (The Connection)
  • Marseille. 1975. Pierre Michel, a young magistrate who's moved south from Metz with his wife and children, is appointed a judge of organized crime. He decides to attack The Connection, a gangster organization that exports heroin throughout the world. Taking no heed of warnings, Judge Michel sets out alone against Gaëtan Zampa, an emblematic figure of the crime world and a boss whose position and contacts make untouchable. But the judge rapidly comes to realize that, to get results, he must change his methods.
La Jalousie (Jealousy)
  • A 30-year-old man lives with a woman in a small, furnished rental. He has a daughter by another woman – a woman he abandoned. A theatre actor and very poor, he is madly in love with this other woman. She was once a rising star, but all offers of work have dried up. The man does everything he can to get her a role, but nothing works out. The woman cheats on him. And then she leaves him. The man tries to kill himself, but fails. His sister visits him in hospital. She's all he has left - his sister and the theatre.
La Prochaine fois je viserai le coeur (Next Time I’ll Aim for the Heart)
  • For several months, between 1978 and 1979, the inhabitants of the Oise in France live in a state of terror and anxiety: a maniac is on the prowl, and young women are his prey. After trying to run over several women with his car, he final manages to injure and kill female hitch-hikers he picks up at random. The man is everywhere and nowhere, eluding the traps set up by investigators and avoiding roadblocks. He's so good at escaping because he is in fact a timid, young cop who lives an ordinary life and doesn't stand out amongst his squad. A model cop, he's responsible for investigating his own crimes until the maps of his murderous journey slip from his grasp.
L'Amour est un crime parfait (Love is the Perfect Crime)
  • A literature professor at the University of Lausanne, Marc has a reputation for having love affairs with his female students. A few days after the disappearance of one of the most brillant of these, who was his latest conquest, he encounters Anna who is trying to find out more about this beautiful young woman who has disappeared.
L'Homme qu'on aimait trop (In the Name of My Daughter)
  • 1976. After the failure of her marriage, Agnès Le Roux returns from Africa to join her mother, Renée, the proprietor of the Palais de la Méditerranée casino in Nice. Agnès falls in love with her mother's advisor, Maurice Agnelet, a lawyer ten years older than herself. Maurice is married and has other mistresses. Agnès loves him madly. A shareholder in the Palais, Agnès wants her part of the family inheritance owed to her after her father's death so that she can pursue her own life. Rigged gambling empties the casino's coffers. Renée receives threats. Behind these maneuvers lurks the shadow of the mafia and of Fratoni, the boss of a rival casino who wants to take control of the Palais. Shunted aside by Renée, Maurice puts Agnès in touch with Fratoni, who offers her three million francs - the equivalent of her inheritance - to vote against her mother during a board meeting. Agnès accepts the deal. Renée loses control of the casino. Agnès begins to feel guilty about betraying her mother. Maurice distances himself. After a suicide attempt, Agnès disappears on November 1, 1977. Her body is never found. Thirty years later, Maurice Agnelet is still the suspect of this crime without proof or cadaver. Convinced of his guilt, Renée fights for him to be put on trial.
Le Havre
  • Marcel Marx, a former author and a well-known Bohemian, has retreated into voluntary exile in the port city of Le Havre. Here he pursues the honorable, but not so profitable, occupation of shoeshiner; he feels closer to people by being at their service. He has buried his dreams of a literary breakthrough and lives happily within the triangle of his favourite bar, his work, and his wife Arletty, when fate suddenly throws in his path an underage illegal immigrant from Africa. At the same time, Arletty also falls seriously ill and is hospitalized. Marcel must once more rise against the cold wall of human indifference, his innate optimism and the unwavering solidarity of the people in his neighbourhood his only weapons. But the whole blind machinery of the Western state stands in his path, represented by the police, whose net is drawing closer and closer around the refugee boy. It's time for Marcel to polish his shoes and bare his teeth
Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table ! (Me, Myself and Mum)
  • Guillaume Gallienne adapts his stage show, a hit with the public and critics alike, for which he won the prestigious 2010 Molière for Best Male Newcomer. "The first memory that I have of my mother is when I was four or five years old. She'd call us, my two brothers and I, to dinner by saying: 'You boys and Guilliaume, come and eat!' The last time that I spoke to her on the phone, she hung up by saying: 'Hugs and kisses, cherie [the feminine form]. Well, let's say that between these two sentences there are a few misunderstandings."
Lulu femme nue (Lulu in the Nude)
  • Following a botched job interview, Lulu decides not to return home, leaving her husband and their three children in the lurch. She premeditated nothing; it all happened quite simply. She steals a few days of freedom for herself, alone, on the coast with no other purpose in mind than to take full advantage of the moment, without feeling guilty about it. On the way, she crosses paths with a variety of people who, like herself, are at the edge of the world: a strange guy protected by his brothers; an old woman who is bored to death; a female employee hassled by her female boss.. Three decisive encounters that will help Lulu rediscover an old acquaintance she's not seen for years: herself.
Saint Laurent
  • A biopic focusing on the 1965-76 period in the life of the famous fashion designer.
  • Not far from Timbuktu, now ruled by religious fundamentalists, Kidane lives peacefully in the dunes with his wife Satima, his daughter Toya, and Issan, their twelve-year-old shepherd. In town, the inhabitants suffer, powerless, from the regime of terror imposed by the Jihadists determined to control their faith. Music, laughter, cigarettes, even soccer have been banned. Women have become shadows but resist with dignity. Every day, the new improvised courts issue tragic and absurd sentences. Kidane and his family seem to be spared the chaos that prevails in Timbuktu. But their destiny changes when Kidane accidentally kills Amadou, the fisherman who slaughtered "GPS," his beloved cow. He now has to face the new laws of the foreign occupants.
108 Rois-Démons (108 Demon-Kings)
  • Empire of China. 12th century. The King Demons terrorize the land. To defeat these monsters, one needs the courage of a hundred tigers, the strength of a thousand buffalo, the cunning of as many snakes... and have the luck of the devil. All young Prince Duan has are fanciful illusions and stoutness. All Zhang-the-Perfect has is his monk's staff and a bunch of incomprehensible proverbs. All the little beggar Pei Pei has is the gift of the gab and a large appetite. But, most of all, Prince Duan, the old monk and the little beggar girl didn't know that it is impossible to defeat the King Demons. So they did it!
Promo Requirements:
  • Purchase of P100 movie ticket
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on to ph.frenchfilmfest to view the screening schedules
  2. Buy your ticket at the ticket booth or through sureseats.com
  3. Go to Greenbelt 3 cinemas and Bonifacio High Street cinemas on the scheduled screening dates
  4. Watch and enjoy as many films as you can!
Promo Period: June 3-9, 2015
  • Greenbelt 3 Cinemas
    • June 3
      • La Famille Bélier - 5PM (By invitation only)
      • Taklub - 8PM (By invitation only)
    • June 4
      • La Prochaine fois je viserai le coeur - 12PM
      • Lulu femme nue - 2:30PM
      • La Belle et la bête - 5PM
      • Dans la cour - 8PM
      • La Jalousie - 10:30PM
    • June 5
      • La French - 12PM
      • Le Havre - 2:30PM
      • Eden - 5PM
      • La Belle et la bête - 8PM
      • Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table - 10:30PM
    • June 6
      • L'Amour est un crime parfait  - 12PM
      • Dans la cour - 2:30PM
      • L'Homme qu'on aimait trop - 5PM
      • 3 Coeurs - 8PM
      • Saint Laurent - 10:30PM
    • June 7
      • Timbuktu - 12PM
      • La Famille Bélier - 2:30PM
      • Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table - 5PM
      • 108 Rois-Démons - 8PM
      • Lulu femme nue - 10:30PM
    • June 8
      • Chante ton bac d'abord - 12PM
      • Hippocrate - 2:30PM
      • La Jalousie - 5PM
      • L'Homme qu'on aimait trop - 8PM
      • Diplomatie - 10:30PM
    • June 9
      • 3 Coeurs - 12PM
      • Diplomatie - 2:30PM
      • Eden - 5PM
      • L'Amour est un crime parfait  - 8PM
      • Le Havre - 10:30PM
  • Bonifacio High Street Cinemas
    • June 3
      • Lulu femme nue - 12PM
      • La Belle et la bête - 2:30PM
      • Eden - 5PM
      • Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table - 8PM
      • L'Amour est un crime parfait - 10:30PM
    • June 4
      • La French - 12PM
      • Chante ton bac d'abord - 2:30PM
      • Saint Laurent  - 5PM
      • Diplomatie  - 8PM
      • Hippocrate - 10:30PM
    • June 5
      • La Prochaine fois je viserai le coeur - 12PM
      • La French - 2:30PM
      • 108 Rois-Démons - 5PM
      • La Jalousie -  8PM
      • Timbuktu - 10:30PM
    • June 6
      • 108 Rois-Démons  - 12PM
      • Le Havre  -  2:30PM
      • Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table - 5PM
      • La Famille Bélier - 8PM
      • La Prochaine fois je viserai le coeur  - 10:30PM
    • June 7
      • Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table - 12PM
      • La Belle et la bête - 2:30PM
      • Chante ton bac d'abord - 5PM
      • Diplomatie  - 8PM
      • La Jalousie  - 10:30PM
    • June 8
      • Eden - 12PM
      • Diplomatie - 2:30PM
      • Saint Laurent - 5PM
      • Lulu femme nue - 8PM
      • Le Havre - 10:30PM
    • June 9
      • L'Amour est un crime parfait - 12PM
      • Timbuktu - 2:30PM
      • Hippocrate - 5PM
      • Saint Laurent - 8PM
Promo Prize:
  • French Films
  • Watch international films!
  • You can buy ticket/s online
  • Purchase of P100 for every ticket unlike before
For more info, log on to ambafrance-ph.org, ph.frenchfilmfest.com or call +(63) 936 919 6097 or email frenchfilmfest@gmail.com.