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SUN subscribers can now enjoy the new SUN UNLITRIO30. For only P30, you can now reach out to your friends and loved ones through unlimited texts + 30 minutes calls to SUN, Smart & Talk N Text + unlimited Facebook for 3 days. You can directly avail via Xpressload or through load conversion by texting UTT30 to 247. Another worth trying is the SUN UNLITRIO20 which is good for 2 days or add additional call minutes using TRINET300 which is valid for one month. Either way, it is very useful especially for people who want to budget their load and at the same time contact Smart & Talk 'N Text users.
Promo Requirements:
  • All SUN prepaid subscribers
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Two (2) ways to avail
    • Xpressload - Load  SUN Unli Trio 30
    • Load Conversion - Text UTT30 to 247
  2. Validity is within three (3) days
  3. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: Ongoing
Promo Prize:
  • Unlimited texts to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text
  • 30 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text
  • Unlimited Facebook
  • Two (2) ways to avail
  • New way to budget your load
  • Not available for postpaid subscribers
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