McD + Coca-Cola BFF Timeout

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How long can you last without the texts, timelines, and tweets? Well, it's high time we go back and focus on things that matter. Just recently, the McDonald's and Coca-Cola BFF Timeout app was launched to encourage and dare everyone to take a digital break and just enjoy being with friends and celebrate real-world connection. Simply download the app via Google Play or App store using  your phone. You can either host or join a Timeout. Just make sure you have at least (2) of your friends to participate before you can begin. All players have to press the big red button together to start the timer. Don't touch your phones nor switch to another app. Just get your hands off your gadgets and start having fun with your buddies! Play hide and seek, agawan base, taya-tayaan, anything you can do together as long as it does not involve checking your phones. Every 15 minutes, you will receive a badge from the app. You can also win travel tickets by playing the game. Buy a BFF Burger / Chicken Bundle and find the promo code on the peel-apart coupon. Log on to the BFF Timeout app using your FB account then enter the code at the raffle tab. Get your name drawn in the weekly raffle for a chance to win trips for four (4) to Boracay, Coron Palawan, Singapore, and Osaka Japan.

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to all users of handheld mobile devices running Apple iOS 6 or above and Android OS 2.2 to 4.3
  • At least two (2) other friends to start the game
  • Internet access
  • Personal Facebook account
  • BFF Timeout app download
  • Purchase of any BFF Burger / Chicken Bundle
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Using your mobile device, download the BFF Timeout App via Google Play or App Store
  2. Game Guidelines
    • BFF Timeout:
      • Host a Timeout
        • Tap "Start Game" to host a Timeout session
        • You get to decide whom to invite
        • At least two (2) other friends are joining for the game to start
        • Tap "Done" to take everyone to the Timeout Button.
      • Join a Timeout
        • Tap "Join Game" 
        • Wait for the invite to come in
      • All players have to press the big red button together to start the timer
      • Don't touch your phones
      • Switching to another app or moving more than 10 meters away from your friends' phones ends the Timeout
      • You can lock your phones or receive incoming notifications without interrupting the Timeout session
      • Every 15 minutes, you will receive a badge
    • Raffle
      • Buy a BFF Burger / Chicken Bundle at any McDonald's branch
      • Find the promo code on the peel-apart coupon 
      • Log in with your Facebook account
      • Enter the code at the raffle tab found on the BFF Timeout App
      • Every BFF Bundle is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry
      • You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once throughout the entire raffle
  3. Use and download of the BFF Timeout App is FREE of charge
  4. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: May 25 - July 19, 2014
  • Raffle Draw
    • Week 1-2 - May 25-June 7, 2014
    • Week 3-4 - June 8-June 21, 2014
    • Week 5-6 - June 22-July 5, 2014
    • Grand Draw - May 25-July 19, 2014
Promo Prize:
  • Grand Draw - Trip for four (4) to Osaka, Japan
  • Week 1-2 - Trip for four (4) to Boracay
  • Week 3-4 - Trip for four (4) to Coron, Palawan
  • Week 5-6 - Trip for four (4) to Singapore
  • Download and use of the app is FREE of charge
  • Fun and very meaningful to do
  • Get to have a real time connection with friends
  • Purchase of as many BFF Burger / Chicken Bundle as possible for more chances of winning in the raffle
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