5 Ways to Maximize Credit Card

Friday, February 21, 2014 jeffrey 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how you could really maximize your credit card? Well, for one, you need to actually use it for you to earn more points and mile. One of the fastest ways to accumulate points is to use your card for travel. But what if you don’t travel that much, or don’t travel at all?


There are many tactics you can apply to score more points, and faster, on your credit card. Here are some ways how you can take full advantage of credit card promos and rewards—without being fooled into spending more and acquiring more debt:

Use your credit card groceries and gas. 

Gas and groceries are most likely two products you purchase frequently. Most people do groceries weekly or every other week, and gas up much more often. HSBC credit cards let you gas up to Caltex to earn more points. While, Eastwest Every Day credit cards enable you to gain more points when you shop on supermarkets and grocery stores.

The more you spend on your card, the more points you accumulate. When you make it a habit to pay for frequent purchases through your card, it won’t be long before you have racked up lots of points.

Rewards enthusiasts know that you should use your credit card whenever possible – coffee purchases, parking fees, etc. Charge everything to your card, just as long as you make sure track your spending. Also, remember to pay your balances before the due date, to avoid paying interest.

Use your credit card to pay your utility bills. 

If you’re not missing out on more points in your debit card or any account, use your credit card to pay your bills rather than paying in cash – especially if you like your finances organized. Also, paying bills using a credit card can entitle you to rebates, depending on which credit card you use.

Maybank credit card partners allow you to pay your bills for more points and allows you to pay all your enrolled utilities bills and pay for it in one time schedule. A lot of credit card providers partner with banks and commercial establishments to provide additional perks and benefits to customers who frequently use their credit card.

Transferring your bills to your new card can help you a lot, and it’s very simple to switch your billing information. You’re just going to spend a few minutes online. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always change it again (especially if you already earned the sign-up bonus).

Make one-time payments. 

Some banks require a minimum amount to earn one point. A good tactic is to buy in-store wherein you can find basic items at lower prices. For example, SM malls has a department store where you can shop for clothes, school supplies, shoes, baby items, food, and grocery items all in one place. This will help you consolidate your shopping and qualify for more points.

BDO and SM’s partnership allows its customers to get rewards and rebates using BDO credit cards when shopping at SM. It also gives 0% interest on three-month installments when you shop for more than P5,000. If you consolidate what you’re going to buy in one receipt, the more rewards you get.

Be wise and resourceful. 

You can make use of your credit card on installment purchases like tuition fees. When you pay full and upfront, you can get a discount on tuition in a lot of colleges and universities, as compared to when you pay quarterly or monthly. Citibank Paylite allows you to pay tuition fees in a breeze with lighter interest. If you pay through your credit card, you can pay the fee in full and pay your bank afterwards. That’s hitting two birds in one stone–get a discount plus rewards points. Tax payments and medical and hospital expenses are also good ways to accumulate bonuses.

Don’t trade savings for points. 

It won’t make much sense if you work hard for points, and forget about saving. Buying through a credit card may not always be the best option so you need to be smart about every credit card purchase you make. Compare prices, stick to a budget, do your own calculations, and make sure you’re getting the best deal. It is also essential that you choose the best credit card for you. 

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