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Tuesday, January 28, 2014 jeffrey 0 Comments

UPDATE: Seems the P1,000 referral credit has been downgraded to just P300 for both the referrer and the referred person. The promo code also went down from P1,000 to P800. Still not bad considering it's free

Uber, the hip transportation service in the USA is now in Manila. It's currently testing out the market here. To promote the use of the service, they are offering P1,000 Uber credits for just signing up through a referral link like this (this is my referral link and I also get P1,000 Uber credits). More than that you can also enter the promo code "TRYUBERMNL" to get another P1,000 credits. You can read about my 1st Uber experience below.

I was off to the airport on a Thursday afternoon. I was quite hesitant to use Uber as I may be late because the driver may not be available or might come late. However upon pulling the Uber app on my Android phone (also available in iOS), it showed an estimated time that the driver would be able to arrive at my house.

After finishing lunch, I went ahead and requested for pickup. After a few minutes I got an automated message that Romeo, the driver, was on the way. Romeo also gave me a call and I went ahead and texted him my full address and how to get to my place as he only could see my location via GPS coordinates on his iPad mini provided by Uber.

15 minutes was the time estimate of the app so I went ahead and took a quick shower. Once I got out of the shower, I got a call from Romeo that he was outside. I opened the gate and there he was standing by a Ford Focus and backseat door open ready for me to come in. I also got an automated text message from Uber that my ride had arrived but I got it a few minutes late.

I informed Romeo that I was heading to the airport and off we went (Uber can only service within Metro Manila for now). I checked the time and there was plenty of time before boarding time. I chatted with him and found out that he was actually employed by another transportation company that services hotels. Uber seems to be outsourcing the car and driver to another company. Maybe later on once they have decided to fully establish here will they buy their own cars and maintain their drivers.

After I got to the airport, Romeo tapped his iPad mini to end the trip. It took a few seconds to calculate the cost of the trip which was P415. The trip took 44 minutes for 18 kilometers. Since I had applied the coupon before I booked the trip, I got the trip for FREE!

Upon getting back home, I rode a cab to compare how much difference it was. I was charged about P300. This means it's roughly P100 difference from a regular cab and Uber. Not bad at all!

Uber currently uses 3 types of cars: Toyota Altis, a Ford Focus, or a Hyundai Sonata. Flag down rate start is at P90, and goes up by P12.92 for every kilometer or P2.10 for every minute when the car is idle or is moving at less than 18 kph.

The only thing that may scare you is the app requires you to enter your credit card details so it can save it for future use. 

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