Real Kuripot VS Fake Kuripot

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 jeffrey 0 Comments

The word or adjective "Kuripot" or "stingy" gained a bad reputation since the beginning of inception of the word. But what really is kuripot and how should it be considered? I guess it really depends on the outlook or a view of a person. For me kuripot is not something to be shameful or to be disgraced. It depends how you try to apply being kuripot in a situation. I'm going to tell 2 sides of the story of being kuripot in this segment called Real Kuripot VS Fake Kuripot.

Situation #1: Shopping 

When shopping, you usually want to get the best deal possible. Who wouldn't right? Of course in any product or service, QUALITY is what differentiates one from another.

Fake: If you go around buying the cheapest possible products or services without considering quality, you end up paying less now but the actual worth of the item in the long run is more. For instance buying a P500 jeans you use up to 10 times before it rips open VS buying a P3,000 jeans you wear a 100 times. For the cheap one, it actually cost you P50 per day to wear it. For the expensive one, it cost you P30 per day.

Real: Invest a bit of time in researching and planning for upcoming sales. This way, you get the best bargain for products and services that has quality. Deals and discounts are everywhere. You just need to know where to look for to be updated. For instance here on and other promo site. Just type it on Google or follow the malls you frequent.

Situation #2: Cooking/Eating 

If you have a regular eating schedule, you more or less eat 3 times a day. That's 365 days in a year or 1,095 breakfast, lunch and dinner in a year.

Fake: To save on cost, you would probably prefer on buying easy to cook food like instant noodles, canned goods, or other processed food. Yes you would probably save a penny but in the end it might cost you the most important thing of all - your health.

Real: You know the right food to eat so why not go to your nearby market and buy vegetables and proteins to cook at home. If you're concerned about the time, try looking for quick simple recipes. If you properly store your in a fridge, it could actually last a week. Simply reheat and enjoy.

Situation #3: Laundry 

How often do you do your laundry? Doing laundry is a daunting task regardless if you have a big family or you live on your own.

Fake: In buying detergents, you would choose the cheapest one. Worse, you buy in sachet because the per unit cost is cheaper that the big bottle or bag. However washing clothes using a subpar detergent ends up costing you more as you need to use more detergent and it may also ruin your clothes.

Real: Buying quality detergents such as Ariel will help remove stains and clean your clothes easily. You also need less detergent to clean a bulk of clothes. Buying large containers would also save you more as it would be cheaper.

 Do you have other thought on being a Real or Fake Kuripot? Let me know through the comments below