Kuripot Tip #2

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 jeffrey 0 Comments

Utilities such as electricity, water, and communication are just one of many recurring expenses you would would need for both home and work. Provided that you use this every day of your life, it's inevitable to spend for these needs. How would try and be Kuripot in one of these utilities like communication? Here's how:

This day and age, everyone have access to internet connection and is online. Most people shift their main communication from regular SMS and mobile calls to mobile chat applications. If you take advantage of the available FREE applications, you may be able to save a lot.

For instance, I make calls in the US for FREE using Magic Jack. Simply install it in you iOS or Android device and make calls instantly. You don't even need to register or enter your contact details to use the application. The quality is superb too.

If you recently are watching local TV commercials, you would see 3 or 4 mobile apps promoting themselves. These apps are mainly dedicated to chat and voice calls. You have LINE, Viber, KakaoTalk and Whatsapp among many others. See which friends are on these apps for free messaging and voice calls. Even Facebook mobile also has a FREE calling feature.

Of course you could debate about other people having no access to internet all the time. Well, we still have the trustworthy Chikka messenger to send SMS. Just be careful about using it though because when your recipient replies using the chikka number, they get charged P2.50. Might annoy your text mate.

What other Kuripot tips do you have?