Kuripot pala si Boy Abunda?

Friday, August 23, 2013 jeffrey 0 Comments

Aba Kuripot din pala si Boy Abunda? Looks like he's the right kind of kuripot in Ariel's new commercial. So how does Boy Kuripot stay kuripot? Here's one kuripot moment:

I use a lot of paper back in school and office. I hate leaving empty real estate space before throwing out used paper so I reuse it as much as possible. Take note, this is not recycling but reusing the paper.


For bond papers, the back portion is usually left unused. To maximize, I use it as scratch paper or better yet use for document printing for non essential or informal content. I especially like the good quality thick papers like those you get from credit card billings and bank notifications. I usually keep a stack close by so I can dump paper I plan to reuse in the future.

Used notebooks and small papers can't be used for printing. I keep a separate bin for this. This is great for jotting down short notes and messages. Although I have never done it, I saw some people buy rubber glue that holds a bundle of paper together. It's the same red rubber glue that is used for pad paper. It's readily available in any National Bookstore.

How about you guys? How are you Kuripot?