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Germany, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Spain and United States of America worked together in pooling great films to represent in the 7th International Silent Film Festival. Six (6) featured films from different genres await the movie goers such as I Don't Want To Be A Man, La Grazia, Keisatsukan, Kamera Obskura, El abuelo, and The Phantom of the Opera. Enjoy all these international movies for FREE! Just be sure to be at the Shang Cineplex at least 2 hours before the screening schedule to save your seat.

Synopsis:I Don’t Want to Be a Man
  • Ossi, a spoiled teenager, lives in Berlin with her rich uncle and enjoys life to the full. She plays poker, smokes and flirts with young men. Her governess can only look on helplessly. When Ossi’s uncle leaves for a long business trip, he takes on a stricter tutor and guardian to supervise her. But Ossi knows how to elude him – she buys an evening suit and dives into the Berlin nightlife dressed as a man. Her experiences, including being forced to give up her seat for a lady on the underground, show her that men do not have it easy either. When she bumps into her guardian at the “Mäusepalast” ballroom, he does not recognize her and she decides to try and steal his girlfriend. In doing so, she becomes closer to him and their spurious male friendship unexpectedly develops into a love affair, which, after a bumpy ride, arrives at a happy end. Ossi’s guardian has not brought her under control; on the contrary, she has made him submit to her.
La Grazia
  • One of the best films produced in Italy in the late twenties, La Grazia is based on the short story Di notte ( At night ) written in 1894 by Nobel Prize for Literature Grazia Deledda. The movie is also an adaptation from the libretto of an opera written by Deledda with Claudio Guastalla and Vincenzo Michetti and performed in Rome in 1923. Directed by Aldo De Benedetti, and recently restored, it is about a dramatic love story that takes place in a small village in the heart of Sardinia, Grazia Deledda’s homeland, where the ancient traditions and the strict honor code of the shepherds meet with the unpredictable laws of passion and love.A handsome stranger (Giorgio Bianchi) comes to a mountain village in Sardinia to inspect lands he has inherited, and promises to marry a beautiful shepherdess (Carmen Boni), who he has fallen in love with. The shepherdess gives birth to a child and is forced to tell the male members of her family, who set out to exact their revenge. Will the harsh laws of vengeance triumph or will the family be reunited around the baby?
  • At a roadblock, a young police officer Itami, meets his old high school friend Tetsuo, as he makes his way back into Tokyo after a day’s golf. As they rekindle their friendship, Itami finds it odd that Tetsuo is so reluctant to talk about his personal life. One night, Sergeant Miyabe, Itami’s mentor, is seriously wounded in a bank heist. The thieves flee into the night, but one of them is injured and leaves his fingerprints on Miyabe’s sword. One of the criminals is arrested, but remains silent until he commits suicide in prison. Miyabe breathes his last. Itami finds out the fingerprints on Tetsuo’s cigarette lighter matches those on Miyabe’s sword. After the night assault on the criminals’ hideout, Tetsuo succumbed to Itami’s strong sense of mission as a police officer
Kamera Obskura
  • "Kamera Obskura" is about a group of film historians finding a rare Filipino silent film of mysterious unknown origins. Even the director and producers are unknown. What makes this find even more extraordinary is the fact that the film seems to bear highly unusual influences from expressionist cinema of the era, something unfamiliar in Filipino cinema history. "Kamera Obskura" is a film within a film, and it challenges the viewers to travel back in time and re-imagine the lost silent cinema heritage in the Philippines.
El abuelo
  • When Conde de Albrit's son dies, the old noble man reads in a letter written by his son that one of his beloved granddaughters doesn't belong to the Albrit stock. Since the girl is the result of the dissipated life of his daughter-in-love, from that moment on, Conde de Albrit will only have one aim - to find out which one of his two granddaughters is the real descendent of Albrit. "El Abuelo" was an adaptation of a play of a reputed Spanish writer, Benito Pérez Galdós.
The Phantom of the Opera
  • Long before Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical became a Broadway hit (that was adapted for the screen in 2004) movie legend Lon Chaney starred in one of the most memorable horror films of all time. The Phantom of the Opera is the story of a mad, disfigured composer in love with a beautiful opera singer. He haunts the young woman and terrorizes the Paris Opera House in his quest to make her a star. The film has hrilled, horrified, and entranced moviegoers for almost 90 years. The screenplay was written by Gaston Leroux, author of the popular novel of the same title. The director is officially listed as Rupert Julian, but many scenes were re-shot by Edward Sedgwick (director of Buster Keaton’s “The Cameraman”) and extensive editing re-shaped the final version that has shocked audiences since its release. The 1925 classic is the most remembered role of Chaney’s distinguished career, and remains famous for the horrific make-up he designed, which was kept a studio secret until the film's premiere.
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on to or like the International Silent Film Festival Manila FB page to view the screening schedule
  2. Go to the Shang Cineplex,Shangri-La Plaza, Edsa on the scheduled movie dates at least two (2) hours before the screening time to guarantee your seat
  3. Watch and enjoy as many films as you can!
Promo Period: August 23-25, 2013
  • August 23
    • Keisatsukan - 7:30PM
  • August 24
    • La Grazia - 5Pm
    • I Don't Want To Be A Man - 8PM
  • August 25
    • The Phantom Of The Opera - 2PM
    • El Pueblo - 5PM
    • Kamera Obskura - 8PM
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