Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013

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Ikaw na ba ang bagong Pinoy Hero? Cobra is looking for someone who possess that unique character of bravery and heroism. Share your personal story (Kwento Ko) or nominate a story (Kwento ni Idol) of a qualified individual to be included in the Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013. The topic should center on how a person overcome life's challenges and adversities, those inspiring achievements resulting to personal and/or financial growth, stories that exemplify strength and character, accounts of modern day heroism/acts of bravery/sacrifice, or stories that exemplify positive Filipino values. There are four (4) categories to choose from: Youth, Workforce, Service, and Modern Day Hero. You also have two options in joining the contest, through online or on-ground. If your own story is the same as a nominated story, it will be considered as one (1) entry regardless if the stories were submitted in the same or different way. Go ahead and start inspiring others with your story of heroism and be one of the four (1) Grand Winners (that's 1 winner per category) to receive P150,000. A cash prize worth P50,000 will also be given individually to the Top 10 Special Awardees.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all local citizens, 18 years old and above as of May 23, 2013
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Submit a personal story or nominate a story of another qualified person. The topic should be one or more of the following concepts:
    • Overcoming challenges and adversity
    • Inspiring achievements resulting to personal and/or financial growth
    • Stories that exemplify strength and character
    • Stories of modern day heroism/acts of bravery/sacrifice
    • Stories that exemplify positive Filipino values
  2. Two (2) Ways To Submit Entry
    • Kwento Ko (Share Your Own Story)
    • Kwento Ni Idol (Nominate Someone) - Multiple submission is allowed provided that the hero is different per story
  3. Four (4) Categories
    • Youth (18 – 23 yrs. old)
    • Work Force (18 yrs. up, currently employed)
    • Service (Men and Women in Uniform, vocations, NGOs, govt. service)
    • Modern Day Hero (18 yrs. up, male or female who has done an act of bravery, courage or selflessness, beyond the call of duty, in an everyday setting beyond what is expected of them.)
  4. Two (2) Ways To Join
    • Via Online (Facebook)
      • Log on to and like Cobra Philippines Facebook Fanpage then go to Cobra Pinoy Heroes App
        • Choose your way to submit your entry  then provide the necessary details
        • With a maximum of 400 words, enter the tale of heroism
        • Upload a photo and give the story a title (maximum of 60 characters)
        • Choose the appropriate submission category
        • Via On-Ground
          • Go to any of the participating cities where the interviews will be held
          • Mention your way of entry submission then provide the necessary details
          • Story must not exceed 5 minutes of audio recording
          • You and the other participants will receive a premium item or token product
          • Drop boxes will be placed in MBC stations for written entries
      • Judging Criteria
        • 50% Inspirational Quality
        • 30# Relevance to university/working class life
        • 20% Uniqueness
      • If your own story is the same as a nominated story, it will be considered as one (1) entry regardless if the stories were submitted in the same or different way (online or on-ground)
      • You may only win once regardless if you submitted your own story or were nominated by different individuals
      • A total of twelve 12 entries will be shortlisted ( 3 entries per category per venue) for public viewing and voting
      • Each ballot will require one (1) vote per category. You can also vote online through Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards app
      • View complete contest mechanics
      Contest Period: May 12 - August 25, 2013

      Contest Prize:
      • Grand Winners -Four (4) winners (1 per category) will receive P150,000 EACH
        • 1 Youth Awardee
        • 1 Workforce Hero
        • 1 Modern Day Hero
        • 1 Service Hero
      • Special Awards (Top 10)- P50,000 EACH
        • Hero Entrepreneur
        • Physically Challenged Hero
        • Hero for Charity Work
        • Government Service Hero
        • Private Sector/White Collar Hero
        • Student Hero
        • Media/Press Hero
        • Sports Hero
        • Industry Hero
        • OFW Hero of the Year
      • Online submission
      • Multiple submission for Kwento Ni Idol is allowed
      • CASH prize
      • Four Grand Winners
      • Prizes are non-transferable
      For more info, log on to