Nat'l Digital Arts Awards

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Deadline for submission of entries for the National Digital Awards is extended. It's the final extension so hurry up and send in your artwork while there's still time. Create an ad on each or on both categories: Motion Graphics/Animated Video or Print. You first need to choose the theme where you will base your entry: Kultura Ko To, Pinoy Pride Profiles, Juan Place, Juan Mind, Kusina ni Maria, or Buy Filipino. Then submit it via email along with the registration form and other necessary documents. Note that you need to notarize your affidavit before submitting. There will be four (4) winners per category.  The Top three and the People's choice for each contestant category (Students/Amateur and Professional). Prizes at stake for the Motion Graphics' Professional Category are P600,000, P400,000, P200,000 (Top 3) and P150,000 (People's Choice), while P300,000, P200,000, P100,000 (Top 3) and P50,000 (People's Choice) are in stored for the Amateur Category. For the Print, P300,000, P200,000, P100,000 (Top 3) and P70,000 (People's Choice) will be awarded to the Professional Category, whereas P150,000, P100,000, P50,000 (Top 3) and P30,000 (People's Choice) will be allotted to the Amateur Category.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all amateur and professional artists living in the country
  • Contestant Category:
    • Students/Amateur - Currently enrolled with and are bona-fide students of primary/secondary/tertiary or other post-school or vocational educational institutions. Those who are no longer students, but create digital art works as a hobby and not as their main source of income
    • Professional - Employed or earning as digital media artists or creator of ads, videos, or digital art for commercial use
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log on to the National Digital Arts Awards contest website and download the registration kit
  2. Themes: Create a one-minute advertisement (animated video) or A3 sized poster based on the following themes of your choice
    • KULTURA KO TO. Filipino Culture - showcase the unique Filipino culture and character that can be emulated by the rest of the world.
    • PINOY PRIDE PROFILES. People – who have influenced how Filipinos think and do things in a positive and life-changing way.
    • JUAN PLACE, JUAN MIND. Communities, Places of Interest or Organizations – feature communities, places of interest or organizations that collectively, have improved lives of their stakeholders in a game-changing manner.
    • KUSINA NI MARIA. Food – interesting food or cuisine from the various regions of the Philippines that has made it a distinctly Filipino and a symbol of national pride.
    • BUY FILIPINO. Products – products of Filipino ingenuity or creativity that have created waves across the archipelago or the Asian region that every Filipino would be proud of.
  3. Entry Guidelines
    • Two (2) Categories:
      • Motion Graphics/Animated Video
        • Entry must showcase your mastery of the following:
          • Video Editing (Mandatory)
          • Creative use of Visual Effects/Animation (Mandatory)
          • Layout Design (Mandatory)
          • Videography (Optional)
          • 3D Modeling/Animation (Optional)
        • Resolution:1280 x 720
        • File output: h.264 (MP4)
        • Main editing software: Adobe After Effects
        • No templates allowed
        • Must be original
        • Audio is required
      • Print
        • Entry must showcase your mastery of the following:
          • Layout Design (Mandatory)
          • Photo Manipulation (Optional)
          • Vector Graphics (Optional)
          • Photography (Optional)
          • Digital Painting (Optional)
          • 3D Modeling/Animation (Optional)
        • Size: A3
        • File output: JPEG
        • Main editing software:  Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator
        • Must be original
  4. Submission Guidelines 
    • Affidavit should be notarized
    • Attach all necessary documents and registration forms via email, except the actual entry, should the file be too large as an email attachment
    • The use of third party file sharing websites is strongly recommended for large file entries
    • Email Subject - [Contest Category]/[Contestant Category]/[Theme]/[Title]/[Last Name, First Name, M.I]
      • e.g: Motion Graphics/Amateur/Kusina ni Maria/Ang Lechon ni Juan/Dela Cruz, Juan, J
    • Email Body:
      • [Contest Category]
        [Contestant Category]
        [Last Name, First Name, M.I]
        [Link to the download of the entry]
      • Example:
          • Motion Graphics
            Dela Cruz, Juan, J
    • Entry Filename - [ContestCategory]_[ContestantCategory]_[Theme]_[Title]_[LAST NAME First Name M.I]
      • e.g: MotionGraphics_Amateur_Kusina ni Maria_Ang Lechon ni Juan_DELA CRUZ Juan J
    • All necessary documents must be labeled as is:
      • e.g: "Registration Form", "School ID", "Affidavit of Original Work", etc.
    • Submit all the requirements to
  5. Judging Criteria
    • 22.5% Originality
    • 22.5% Creativity
    • 22.5% Effectiveness as an Ad
    • 22.5% Content
    • 10% Socila Media Likes and Shares
  6. You can enter both categories but you can send only one (1) entry per category. Only entries by individuals will be accepted
  7. If the audio or music you used is not your original composition, you should acquire authority to use such audio
  8. For photographs or any other copyrightable materials, you should acquire permission to use the photograph/material from the original author
  9. The top 20 entries per category will be chosen at the first stage of judging. From there, 10 entries will be chosen per category and will be uploaded to the Globaltronics FB page for voting
  10. There will be four (4) winners per category.  The top three and the people's choice for each category
  11. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Final extension for deadline of submission until June 15, 2013 only (No more requests for extension will be entertained)
  • Awarding Ceremony - April 15, 2013
Contest Prize:
Motion GraphicsPrint
Total Cash and PrizesP2,000,000P1,000,000
Professional Category
People's ChoiceP150,000P70,000
Amateur/Student Category
People's ChoiceP50,000P30,000

  • CASH prize
  • Only submission
  • Can enter in both categories
  • Deadline for submission of entries extended
  • All winning entries shall become the property of Globaltronics, Inc.
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