BK Credit Card Android App

Friday, May 10, 2013 jeffrey 0 Comments

Are you waiting for the Boy Kuripot Credit Card promos app for Android? Well wait no longer because it's already in the Google Play app store. The app currently supports the same features as those in the iOS version. You can browse through all credit card promos that are published on Boy-Kuripot.com and save it for offline/cache reading. This way, you can choose which card to use before you buy and which promos are about to expire so you don't waste your charge slips. We've also included the ability to take note how many remaining charge slips you have per promotion. Just click on the paper icon and click add to note down how many charge slips you have. After you have redeemed or used those slips, just click redeemed. Download the Boy Kuripot Android app now for FREE!