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Are you willing to be a channel in promoting social change? If so, join now in Globe Tattoo's Be the Cat@lyst youth challenge. Promote the use of innovative ICT solutions as a tool for social change, thus, provide an effective platform where young Filipinos can incubate and transform their ideas into viable programs. Download the application form from the contest page. Make a 1-minute video proposal of a technology-based solution for an existing community problem. Use the guide questions provided in shooting the video. Upload it on Youtube or Vimeo and attach the link in the application form. Submit it via email and get shortlisted for a chance to be included in the five (5) winners of P200,000 cash, inclusive of ICT support.

Contest Requirements:
  • Individuals or a representative of an organization, company, or community, 18-30 years old
  • Must be available to attend the development forum at Shapers Lab
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log on to the GLOBE Cat@lyst website and download the application form
  2. Make a video proposal of a technology-based solution for an existing community problem. 
  3. Entry Guidelines
    • One minute video
    • The proposal should not have won in other business plan or project grant competitions of the same magnitude (national, regional, provincial or district), or have received the same amount of funding for its implementation
    • Video should answer these guide questions:
      • What existing problem in your community do you want to solve?
      • What is your proposed ICT-based solution?
      • What kind of impact do you hope to make through your project?
    • You can include photo/s showing the community you want to help and empower. You may also include links to news articles, videos, or blog entries about the community and/or your project, if already existing
  4. Upload your entry via YouTube or Vimeo and ensure that the URL/link is provided in the application form
  5. Email the application form and supplementary materials to with the subject "Cat@lyst: [Name of Project]_[Name of Proponent]_Application"
  6. Judging Criteria
    • Innovation: Demonstrates creativity and originality
    • Implementation Feasibility: Proposal should be executable in the given timeline and proponents should demonstrate capability to mobilize stakeholders involved
    • Impact: Provides a long-lasting solution to an existing social problem
  7. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Deadline for submission of entries until May 31, 2013 

Contest Prize:
  • Five (5) winners of P200,000 CASH EACH, inclusive of ICT support
  • Note: Maximum of 25% (P50,000) only may go to admin cost
  • Online submission
  • CASH prize
  • Video entry takes a lot of time to make
For more info, log on to