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Following the success of last year's film festival, the Moviemov Italian Cinema Now 2012 sets off this year to pay honor to two great international film directors namely Sergio Leone (Italian) and Manuel Conde (Filipino). Among the movies included in the film festival are Cesare deve morire, Diaz, L'industriale, L'intervallo (from Italy) and The Mistress & Dekada '70 (from the Philippines). Not only that. The winners of Film Development Council of the Philippines' (FDCP) National Film Festival: Ikalawang Yugto! will complete the roster. These are Ang Pagbabalik ng Bituin (The Return of the Star) and Anac Ti Pating. Get to watch a total of twenty (20) outstanding films! Admission is FREE so come to Greenbelt 3, Cinemas 2, 4 and 5 at least two (2) hours before the screening time on the scheduled movie dates to guarantee your slot.


Cesare deve morire (Caesar must die)
  • Day by day, in the cells, in the cubicles of air time, the film tells how, through the emotional involvement of the rehearsals penetrating more and more deep inside their souls, gathers strength the great tragedy, discovering at the same time the obscure cadences of their daily lives of convicts
Diaz (Diaz – Don't clean up this blood)
  • Diaz reconstructs the events of the last terrible day of the G8 summit in Genoa from the viewpoints of the police, the protesters, the victims and the journalists who were caught up in the tragedy to analyse how frustration can explode into raw, incontrollable violence
L'industriale (The Entrepreneur)
  • 40 years old Nicola owns a factory that is on the brink of closing. His wife Laura is more and more remote and Nicola realizes that something is menacing the only certainty left to him: his marriage. Instead of confronting Laura, though, he follows her to confirm his suspicions, which brings the situation to a head
L'intervallo (The interval)
  • A boy, a girl, locked in a huge abandoned building in the working-class district. He has to guard her. She is the prisoner and he’s forced by the boss of the area to act like a jailer. Both of them are victims but each blame the other for its situation. Minute after minute the hostility between them turns to intimacy
Magnifica presenza (Magnificent presence)
  • To his astonishment, Pietro, discovers his new apartment is already occupied by 7 and a half other-worldly residents who are difficult to ignore and impossible to evict. But in time, they become the closest friends he has ever had
Posti in piedi in paradiso (A flat for three)
  • Divorce has plunged Domenico, Ulisse and Fulvio into serious economic problems. The three men meet for the first time when – looking for a place to stay – they converge on a flat that none of them can afford. The instant proposal of sharing space and expenses brings them together under the same roof
Romanzo di una strage (Piazza Fontana – The Italian Conspiracy)
  • Milan, 12 December 1969. Immediately following the bomb explosion at the piazza Fontana branch of the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura, which caused the death of 14 (later casualties rose to 17) and the wounding of 88 people, police investigations were all concentrated on the anarchist lead
C'era Una Volta Il West (Once Upon a Time In The West)
  • Epic story of a mysterious stranger with an harmonica who joins forces with a notorious desperado named Cheyenne who has a price of five thousand dollars on his head. The two have to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad
C'era Una Votal Il America (Once Upon a Time in America)
  • Noodles, whose story is told by interweaving three different periods of his life, is a gangster who grew up in the Lower East Side of New York. There, as an adolescent, he formed a small gang along with his friends and they concentrate on extortion and contraband
Giu' La Testa (A Fistful of Dynamite)
  • A Mexican outlaw, Juan Miranda, father of five sons who help him in his undertakings, teams up with an Irishman, John Mallory, to rob a bank, but instead he finds himself fighting at his side with the rebels of Villa and Zapata
Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
  • While the Civil War rages, Blondie, Tuco and Angel Eyes reluctantly team up to find a treasure in gold coins, hidden in a tomb. Each of them knows part of the secret to find the place that is located behind enemy lines
Il colosso di Rodi (The Colossus of Rhodes)
  • Athenian war hero Dario seeks relaxation on the island of Rhodes, home of the imposing Colossus that guards the harbour. Thar, the King's counsellor, is plotting with the Phoenicians to take control of the island. Simultaneously, there is much unrest resulting from the tyrannical construction of the statue
Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu (For a Few Dollars More)
  • After the escape of a terrible Mexican outlaw, El Indio, two bounty hunters are on his tracks after meeting by chance, tempted by the reward of twenty thousand dollars. The Monco and the Colonel decide together on a strategy in which Monco will infiltrate the outlaw's gang
Per Un Pugno Di Dollari E(A Fistful of Dollars)
  • Joe, a wandering gunman, arrives in the small Mexican town of San Miguel, where the outlaw Rojo and Baxter families have been fighting for years to control the territory. Sure that he can take advantage, Joe tries to obtain the goodwill of Benito – head of the Rojo family – and kills four villains who work for the Baxter
Genghis Khan
  • Towards the end of the 12th century, Mongolia is divided up between various tribes. A competition to determine a leader is declared in which the most important warriors will take part. Among them is Temujin, who instead of using brute force or cunning, uses his intelligence to win. After incredible adventures, the Mongol Empire will be led to the reunification under the guidance of this mythical leader. Temujin, who later became Genghis Khan, is wise and cunning. He goes through several heroic episodes: competing at the Man of Men contest, falling in love with the enemy commander's daughter, and struggling to restore his demolished hometown. The film show’s Khan’s wit and humorous side in his adolescent years before he takes the throne
  • One morning, residents of a rural village are horrified when the sun rises in the West. Accordingto Islamic belief, this phenomenon signals the Apocalypse or Qiyamah. As folks react differently to the situation, a family reconciles with its own dark past as the village confronts its own share of secrets and myths. Then a tragedy strikes when a young woman is raped and her brother brutally murdered as he tries to avenge her. Steep in superstition, the villagers attribute these to the Devil himself
Dekada '70
  • The film tells the story of the life of a middle-class Filipino family who, over the space of a decade, become aware of the political policies that have ultimately led to repression and a state of Martial Law in the Philippines. The mother, Amanda, realizes the implications of living within a dictatorship after sorting out the contradictory reactions of her husband and five sons. Her husband (Julian), supports his eldest son's (Jules) efforts to rail against the government while refusing to follow Amanda's wish for him to find a job. Her second son (Gani) is in the United States Navy. Her third son (Eman) writes illegal political exposes. The fourth son (Jason) fell victim to a corrupt police department, and her youngest son named (Bingo) is still a boy
The Mistress
  • A young woman is torn between the affections of her two lovers. One is a young bachelor who brings passion into her life. The other is a married man who has kept her as his mistress for years
Ang Pagbabalik ng Bituin (The Return of the Star)
  • This documentary is about Estrellita "Star" Saco, a young lady who has been working as a helper for almost 10 years in Manila. She rarely gets to go back to her hometown in Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte, because not only is it expensive to get there, it is also very far
Anac Ti Pating
  • "Anac Ti Pating" happens in one school year from June to March. Sixto Mangaoang is a Math wizard in Grade 5, he however also has the penchant for drawing and writing. For his English Class project, Sixto decides on writing a short story for children about a shark living in the forest in the Cordilleras. Sixto 'comes-of-age' in this school year, he develops a friendship with his neighbor, the retired Dr. Rayos, who encourages Sixto to strive hard to pursue his dreams. Sixto also befriends his Korean neighbor, a boy about the same age as he, despite their awkward first meeting. Sixto experiences first love. Sixto stands up to the school bully. Sixto discovers the truth about his birth
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Log on to Italian Embassy Manila Facebook fanpage to view the screening schedules
  2. Rush to Greenbelt 3, Cinemas 2, 4 and 5 at least two (2) hours before the screening time on the scheduled movie dates to guarantee your seat
  3. Watch and enjoy as many films as you can!
Promo Period: December 4 - 9, 2012
  • December 4
    • 8PM Cinema 2 - Cesare Deve Morire
  • December 5
    • 10AM Cinema 4 - Qiyamah
    • 10AM Cinema 5 - L'Industriale
    • 4:30PM Cinema 4 - Cesare Deve Morire
    • 5PM Cinema 5 - Per Un Pugno Di Dollari
    • 6:30PM Cinema 4 - Qiyama
    • 7PM Cinema 5 - Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu
    • 9PM Cinema 4 - L'Industriale
  • December 6
    • 10AM Cinema 4 - Cesare Deve Morire
    • 10AM Cinema 5 - Per Un Pugno Di Dollari
    • 4:30PM Cinema 4 - L'Industriale
    • 5PM Cinema 5 - C'era Una Volta Il West
    • 6:30PM Cinema 4 - Romanzo Di Una Strage
    • 9PM Cinema 5 - Posti In Piedi In Paradiso
    • 9:30PM Cinema 4 - The Mistress
  • December 7
    • 10AM Cinema 4 - Romanzo Di Una Strage
    • 10AM Cinema 5 - Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo
    • 4PM Cinema 4 - Romanzo Di Una Strage
    • 5PM Cinema 5 - Posti In Piedi In Paradiso
    • 6:30PM Cinema 4 - Ang Pagbabalik ng Bituin
    • 7PM Cinema 5 - Il Colosso Di Rodi
    • 9:30PM Cinema 5 - Diaz
  • December 8
    • 10AM Cinema 4 - Genghis Khan
    • 10AM Cinema 5 - Dekada '70
    • 3:30PM Cinema 5 - Diaz
    • 4PM Cinema 4 - Ang Pagbabalik ng Bituin
    • 6PM Cinema 5 - Giu' La Testa
    • 6:30PM Cinema 4 - L'Intervallo
    • 9PM Cinema 5 - Magnifica Presenza
    • 11PM Cinema 5 - Dekada '70
  • December 9
    • 11AM Cinema 4 - L'Intervallo
    • 2PM Cinema 5 - C'era Una Volta Il America
    • 4:30PM Cinema 4 - Anac Ti Pating
    • 8PM Cinema 5 - Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo

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