Indie-UN Film 2013

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Do you have what it takes to be a great filmmaker? If yes is your answer, then start filming your way to the Indie-UN Film Competition 2013. With this opportunity in hand, De La Salle University aims to recognize the talents of aspiring filmmakers and be able to share their creative ideas to other students all over the country. To join, submit a copy of your video in any of the four (4) categories: Feature (video or animation), Documentary, Music Video and Experimental Video. Along with the P180 application fee, submit your entry directly to De La Salle University. All entries will be filtered by the organizers along with selected judges. Get chosen and be qualified for a chance to win P10,000 (Best Feature), P7,000 (Best Documentary), P5,000 (Best Music Video & Best Experimental Video), P3,000 (Best Cinematography), and P2,000 (Best Screenplay, Best Director, & Manr Award: People's Choice Award). I guess, every school and non-profit organization  wanted to promote creativity and create awareness in the independent film genre among the youth that's why there's been a call for such competitions lately. Running on the same goal is the Ateneo Video Open Competition. With almost the same mechanics, you can also start submitting your entries for a chance to be recognized as well as win cash prizes.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to legitimate students of school year 2012-2013 from all colleges and universities nationwide (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao)
  • P180 joining fee
  • Note: Graduates may still submit entries, provided that the video was made during their undergraduate years
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log on to Indie-UN Film 2013 contest page and download the application form
  2. Four (4) Categories:
    • Feature (video or animation)
    • Documentary
    • Music Video
    • Experimental Video
  3. Entry Guidelines:
    • All videos must not exceed 20 minutes (including opening and closing credits)
    • Must have a 30-second trailer (in mp4 format) on a separate DVD
    • Videos that has not won an award at the time of submission
    • Must contain an original song from the artist or must acquire the consent of the artist to use the song in the music video
  4. Submission Guidelines: 
    • Place the ff. inside a short brown envelope
      • Application form
        • Application form
        • Photocopy of current semester's registration form
        • Photocopy of ID
        • P180 joining fee
      • Copy of the video/film in DVD
        • Title, category and applicant name on the cover
        • Indicate the running time on the cover
      • 30 sec Trailer on DVD
      • Data CD #1
        • Synopsis/Video Summary
        • Cast and Crew
        • Soft Copy of Poster in 11x17 in., JPG portrait format
      • Data CD #2
        • Copy of the film in AVI format
        • Copy of the trailer in AVI format
    • Must be submitted both in NTSC AVI and DVD FORMAT
    • Note: In total, four (4) CDs/DVDs must be submitted
  5. Submit your entries directly to:
  6. Room 403, Bro. Connon Hall, 
    De La Salle University,
    Taft Ave., Malate, Manila
  7. Email to inform that your entry has been submitted
  8. Judging Criteria:
    • Feature Category
      • 20% Cinematography
      • 20% Screenplay
      • 20% Editing
      • 20% Originality of Concept
      • 15% Production Design
      • 5% Overall Impression
    • Documentary
      • 20% Cinematography
      • 20% Editing
      • 15% Relevance
      • 15% Narrative
      • 15% Originality of Concept
      • 5% Overall Impression
    • Music Video
      • 30% Cinematography
      • 20% Editing
      • 20% Production Design
      • 20% Originality of Concept
      • 10% Overall Impression
    • Experimental
      • 50% Originality of Concept
      • 30% Technique
      • 20% Overall Impression
  9. One (1) application form must be submitted per video
  10. All entries will be filtered by the organizers along with selected judges. Only the top 5 videos for Feature and Documentary category, and the top 3 videos for Music Video and Experimental will qualify for the awards and be shown on the screening
  11. In the event that only one (1) video entry will qualify in a category, it will automatically be declared as the winner. However, you will only receive half of the cash prize
  12. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: October 1, 2012 - January 17, 2013
  • January 21, 2013 - Notification of the winners through text and email
  • February 7 - 9, 2013 - Screening/Viewing schedule
  • February 9, 2013 - Awarding session
Contest Prize:
  • Best Feature - P10,000
  • Best Documentary - P7,000
  • Best Music Video - P5,000
  • Best Experimental Video - P5,000
  • Best Cinematography - P3,000
  • Best Screenplay (Feature) - P2,000
  • Best Director - P2,000
  • Manr Award: People's Choice Award - P2,000
  • CASH prize
  • Only one (1) entry per category
  • P180 joining fee
  • No online submission
For more info, log on to