FREE 3 months Flickr Pro

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

Whether if it's a reaction towards Instagram's privacy issue or simply being generous in midst of the holiday season, you should take advantage of Flickr's Pro account offering valid for 3 months for FREE! With the Pro account, you can do unlimited photo uploads (50MB per photo), unlimited viewing of your entire photo library, post any of your photos or videos in up to 60 group pools, download your original, high-resolution photos and upload and play unlimited HD videos. This is a great time to backup your photos on the cloud in hi-resolution. If you need your photos again, you can simply subscribe to the Pro account again for a month to do what you need to do. For Pro accounts, this extends your Pro subscription for 3 months. Claiming of this offering is until January 4, 2013.