Cebu Pacific Piso Seat Sale

Monday, October 29, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

Cebu Pacific is offering a Piso sale for all Philippine flights this Halloween season. Sale period is now until October 31, 2012 or until seats last. Travel period is from June 1, 2013 - December 15, 2013. Domestic flights would cost P313,12 (Base fare P1 plus admin fee of P100 plus P12,12 VAT plus P200 terminal fee). This does not include fuel surcharge ranging from P200-P400. International destinations will cost P101 (Base fare P1 plus admin fee of P100). The rate is exclusive of P550 terminal fee, fuel surcharge ranging from P410-P2,100, P1,620 travel tax and country taxes ranging from P400-P1,515. Don't forget to use your Visa card to join the Cebu Pacific Juan Hundred in 1 Promo