Goldilocks Bitbit Dance Craze

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Bitbit left, bitbit right, share and share. Show Goldilocks how well you can do the Goldilocks Bitbit Dance Craze. Simply form a group of 4-5 members, download the Goldilocks Bitbit song and create a 30-60 seconds original rendition of the Goldilocks Bitbit dance. Upload your entries via YouTube and post the video link on the Goldilocks Bitbit Dance Craze FB tab. You must first be a Goldilocks Philippines' FB liker before you can submit your entries. Prizes at stake are P10,000 cash + P10,000 worth of Goldilocks GC's (First Place), P5,000 cash + P5,000 worth of Goldilock's GC's (Second Place), P2,500 cash + P2,500 worth of Goldilocks GC's (Third Place).

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all local residents, of all ages
  • Participants who are below 18 years of age must have the consent of their legal guardians
  • Group of 4-5 members only
  • Purchase Goldilocks Bitbit products
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Log on and like Goldilocks Philippines Facebook fanpage
  2. Create your own video rendition of the Goldilocks Bitbit dance and upload it on YouTube
  3. Entry Guidelines:
    • Download the Goldilocks Bitbit Dance Craze mp3. You may also watch the special Bitbit Dance steps instructional video and other sample videos for your reference
    • Form a group composed of 4-5 members only
    • Record a video of your group doing the Goldilocks Bitbit Dance Steps. Make sure to include your favorite Goldilocks Bitbit products in your video
      • Examples of products that you may use are: Leche Flan, Cathedral Windows, Egg Pie, Cake Rolls, Premium Cakes, Polvoron, Snack Cakes and Snack Breads
    • Entries should be 30 - 60 seconds long only
    • Video should not feature marks, logos or brand names of any food and/or beverage product except for Goldilocks products
  4. Register and submit the YouTube link of your video on the Goldilocks Bitbit Dance Craze Facebook tab
  5. Judging Criteria:
    • 30% Creativity
    • 25% Relevance to Theme
    • 25% Use of Goldilocks Products
    • 20% Overall Impact
  6. You may upload as many entries as you want
  7. Approved entries will be uploaded in the Goldilocks YouTube Channel
  8. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: Deadline for submission of entries until September 30, 2012, 11:59PM

Contest Prize:
  • First Place
    • P10,000 CASH
    • P10,000 worth of Goldilocks Gift Certificates
  • Second Place
    • P5,000 CASH
    • P5,000 worth of Goldilocks Gift Certificates
  • Third Place
    • P2,500 CASH
    • P2,500 worth of Goldilocks Gift Certificates
  • CASH prize
  • Online submission
  • Fun to do
  • Multiple submission allowed
  • None
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