Cine Europa Film Festival

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Enjoy a taste of Europe's particular cinematic traditions in this year's Cine Europa Film Festival. To celebrate their 15th year, the organizers prepared a vast line up of international films taken from different countries such as Atmen (Austria), Kozelat (Bulgaria), Lidice (Czech Republic), 2 Days in Paris (France), Poll (Germany), Upperdog (Norway) and many more. Four (4) movies will be screened per day for 11 days so watch as many films as you can. Admission is FREE. You just have to be at Shang Cineplex Cinema 2, Shangri-La Plaza 2 hours before the film starts to guarantee your slot because it is a first-come first-served basis.

Atmen (Breathing)
  • 19 year-old Roman Kogler has a chance to be released early from his young offender's institution. The odds are against him, however, he is an uncommunicative and solitary character without a family and a doesn't seem to be fit for a re-socialization. As a day-release prisoner he has a job at a funeral home. Of all things, it is this job dealing with death that shows him the path back to life
Koko Flanel
  • Placide is a tramp who lives in a caravan. His father asks him on his deathbed to finally get married and have children. But Placide has one problem: he only wants to marry a very beautiful woman. Placide accidentally walks through a photo-session and meets the beautiful Sarah. He becomes the star of the model agency Aphrodite and falls in love with Sarah. Madame Germaine and Aphrodite make him rich. Sarah is in love with Arlondo, a top model...and anything can happen
  • Having buried their father in Istanbul, Timur (28) and his two brothers, Ediz (36) and Bora (16), return to Ghent. Their mother remains in Istanbul. The three brothers resume their lives but need to find a new balance. While Ediz plays the dominant father and Bora does silly things with the wrong friends, Timur tries to fulfill his father's dream: playing the trumpet in a brass band. Sarah, Timur's girlfriend, thinks it's cool, until she realizes how little he seems to notice her now... Turquaze presents a disarmingly honest chronicle of a Turkish family's life in Ghent...Turkish for beginners!
Kozelat (The Goat)
  • Over a buried treasure a man and a woman from a different nationalities clash in a comic battle their cultural prejudices, only to find that affection is better than gold. The story is seen through the eyes of a mythical Goat, sen on Earth with a mission
  • When future generations ask what we were fighting for in World War II, tell them we did it for the story of Lidice. Frank Knox, U.S. Secretary of the Navy (1941-1944). The burning of this village was Nazi Germany's only officially admitted genocidal act during the ware that shook the world. It presents to audiences three interconnected stories that unfurl in connection with the tragic burning and razing of Lidice (1942). The first is about an unfortunate family where the patriarch accidentally kills his son in the heat of an argument and is then sentenced to prison. Paradoxically, incarceration saves his life, as he managed to avoid the fate of all the other Lidice residents. The second is the story of a letter that became the pretense for this Nazi massacre, even though, it too, was evidently an innocent lie aimed at covering for infidelity. The third story is about fear, about personal responsibility and about whether surviving is truly winning when the prize comes in exchange for the loss of one's dignity and honor
Haevnen (In A Better World)
  • The story traces elements from a refugee camp in Africa to the grey humdrum of everyday life in a Danish provincial town. The lives of two Danish families cross each other, and an extraordinary but risky friendship comes into a bud. But loneliness, frailty and sorrow lie in wait. Soon, friendship transforms into a dangerous alliance and a breathtaking pursuit in which life is at stake
Napapiirin Sankarit (Lapland Odyssey)
  • A comedy about Janne, a man from Lapland in Northern Finland, a man who has made a career out of living on welfare. Inari, his girlfriend, is tired on Janne's incapability of getting a grip on life. Janne wasn't even able to buy a digital TV box that Inari had given money for. Inari gives an ultimatum: a digital box needs to arrive by dawn or she leaves. Janne sets out into the night with his two friends to find a box. On their way to the city of Rovaniemi, Janne and his friends face many challenges, obstacles and temptations. They learn that they need to be daring. There's no room to give into bitterness. The most important thing isn't success, but rather the journey in itself
2 Days in Paris
  • 2 days in Paris is what will Marion, a French photographer and Jack, an American interior designer are hoping will save their relationship. Desperate to re-invigorate a fading spark, they plan a trip to Europe, but their first stop in Venice fails to do the trick. With the emergence of one too many ex-boyfriends and Marion's overbearing parents, will they ever manage to get their relationship back on track?
Le Pere De Mes Enfants (Father of My Children)
  • Gregoire Canvel has everything a man could want - a loving wife, three children and a stimulating job as a film producer. He seems invincible, but as his prestigious production company begins to fail, Gregoire plows on all costs, driving himself to failure and despair
  • On the ever of World War I the 14 year old Oda travels from Berlin to Estland to bury her deceased mother in their home country. The time of travel is bad though because the atmosphere on the noble estate is far from being good: the private and scientific frustration of her father Ebbo, the instability perpetrated massacre on Estonian Anarchists, which occurs next to the estate. Oda manages to make the situation even more delicate. Unimpressed by the signs of the upcoming calamities, Oda is hiding an Estonian revolutionary on the parent's estate. "Schnaps", that's how the wounded anarchist calls himself, is fascinated by the young girl. The encounter shall alter their lives
L'Ultimo Imperatore (The Last Emperor)
  • Immense portrait of almost a century of Chinese history, from the appointment of Pu Yi, a three-year-old child, as Emperor of China, until his death as a plain gardener in Beijing's botanical garden
Si Puo Fare (We Can Do That)
  • Nello is an out of work former trade unionist who has been sent to run a cooperative of mental patients who were released from Italy's psychiatric hospitals when the government closed the hospitals down under the 1980's Basaglia Law. Nello doesn't like the over medicated client's way of life at the cooperative and he seeks to find a more beneficial life for them and possibly learn a profession to suit their capabilities. By chance, two of the clients Gigio and Luca show an unusual and individualistic and artistic aptitude for installing parquet flooring. This leads to the rest of the former patients a the co-op forming a flooring company with high end clientele and Nello coordinating the operation by assigning work roles within the company that suits each worker the best
  • As a young children, the half-siblings Axel and Yanne are adopted to Norway. They are separated on arrival, he to material wealth on Oslos West Side, she to an average family on the East side. With his well-meaning, but indulgent adoptive parents, Axel grows up to become a spoiled brat who hides the insecurity of his troubled past behind an indifferent facade. In contrast to her younger brother, Yanne remembers their journey to Norway, but because they were separated upon arrival, she has no idea where or who he might be now. However, all this is about to change as Yannes Polish friend Maria starts working as a maid for Axels parents, and discovers a photograph of him as a young boy. Maria has seen the same picture on the wall of Yannes flat, and with an outsiders lack of restraint, she takes the task of reuniting them
Restul E Tacere (The Rest Is Silence)
  • It's not easy to have a famous father. 19-year old Grig is the son of an enormously popular Romanian actor. But his own record is somewhat disappointing. Too short for the stage, too shy with the women, too excessive his lifestyle, he is about to make the ultimate mistake, the unforgivable thing in the eyes of the father: direct a moving picture! He wants it to be the biggest, the longest, the most spectacular ever. Crazy patron of the arts Leon, the country's most flamboyant and eccentric landowner becomes Grig's financier. Successively he also turns into his protector, his teacher, his substitute father, his traitorous partner and his lifelong enemy. But will Gaumonde, the French company which controls the Romanian market accept an independent production going over its head? And if so, will this victory earn Grig his father's respect?
Nunta Basarabia (Wedding In Basarabia)
  • Vlad, a conductor from Bucharest, and Vika, a pianist from Basarabia (Moldova), were married in Romania. They decided to get married again, this time in Basarabia, hoping they could raise money to pay for their new apartment. The second wedding becomes an opportunity for competition between relatives of the bride and the groom... and things get out of control. Vlad and Vika are caught in the midst of fighting egos as difference of traditions and habits between Romania and Basarabia were highlighted in the film
Legenda O Lietajucom Cyprianovi (Flying Cyprian)
  • Historical adventure film inspired by the legend of the mysterious monk, alchemist and healer, who in the late 18th century, constructed a flying machine by the lost books of Leonardo da Vinci
Planes Para MaƱana (Plans For Tomorrow)
  • Three stories intertwined which occur in a single day. The day Ines discovers she is pregnant, Antonia decides to abandon her family and Marian realizes she is going to die. Plans for Tomorrow comprises an urban portrait of daily life, an extraordinary moment when the characters find they are able to remake their lives
Maria Larssons Eviga Ogonblick (Everlasting Moments)
  • In Sweden in the early 1900's - a time of social change and unrest, of war and poverty - the young working class woman Maria wins a camera in a lottery and decides to keep it - a decision which alters her whole life. The camera enables Maria to see the world through new eyes, but it also becomes a threat to her somewhat alcoholic womanizer of a husband, as it brings the charming photographer "Piff Paff Puff" into her life
Die Standesbeamtin (Will You Marry Us)
  • Rahel Hubli is employed as a civil registrar. She hasn't believed in the so-called "love of her life" in ages. But when a childhood friend, Ben suddenly turns up, Rahel recalls again what it felt like to be in love. And that leads to even more problems, because Rahel is already married. And Ben would like to get married: by Rahel
Sonny Boy
  • Bound by love, torn by fate. Sonny Boy is the screen version of the bestselling novel by Annejet van der Zijl, based upon the real life story of a mixed-race couple. The film follows the handsome young Surinamese man that boards a ship to the land of his colonial masters in search of an education. When he gets there, he finds love, with Rika, a white woman almost twice his age, and they have a son: Sonny Boy. The mixed race couple is fighting to survive, but when WWII breaks out they help others survive in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands of the 1940s
  • The story of the monumental life and tragic death of legendary Brazilian motor-racing Cahmpion, Ayrton Senna. Spanning the decade from his arrival in Formula One in the mid 80's, the film follows Senna's struggles both on track against his nemesis, French World Champion Alain Prost, and off it, against the politics which infest the sport. Sublime, spiritual yet, on occasion, ruthless - Senna conquers and transcends Formula One to become a global superstar. Privately, he is humble, almost shy,and fiercely patriotic, donating millions to his native Brazil and contemplating a life beyond motor-racing. Yet he is struck down in his prime on the blackest weekend in the history of the sport, watched live on television by 300 million people. Years on he is revered in Formula One as the greatest motor racing driver of all time - and in Brazil as a Saint
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