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There are so many new restaurants and bars popping up around the Fort area. One restaurant in particular that you should note however is the Izumi Sake Bar and Restaurant located at 29th Street corner Rizal Drive. Originally is known by party-goers as a party place, it has now transformed as a bar and restaurant. The food is carefully crafted by seasoned chef and Nomama restaurant owner Him Uy de Baron.

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Izumi has 2 floors. The 1st floor is setup with tables and couches to accommodates diners while the 2nd floor is for the bar area where the music is. You could order food and drinks in both floors

Spicy Edemame

First served was the Spicy Edemame. It's very similar to a green peas but with a thicker skin so you end up just eating the actual peas. It's seasoned with several spices including pepper and chilli powder. This is a great starter either for drinks or waiting for the main course.

Maguro Izumiyaki

I just can't get enough of Maguro Izumiyaki, a seared tuna dish rolled on sesame seeds and spices. No wonder this is a bestseller dish at Izumi. There is an option to dip it in soy sauce and wasabi but it's delicious enough as it is.

Salmon Poke

The Salmon Poke is a salmon sashimi salad seasoned with coconut cream and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It's fresh and light just as I expected it to be.

Soy Chicken and Mushroom Gyoza

When it comes to Gyoza, I'm very particular about the thickness of the wrapper and how oily it is. The Soy Chicken and Mushroom Gyoza is a winner not just because they got the wrapper and oil just right but mainly because it's delicious. No need to dip in sauce as it's already drizzled on top.

Tori Karaage with sauces

What I appreciate about the Tori Karaage (fried chicken) is the fact that it comes with 3 different sauces - mandarin, barbecue and tamarind. It's crunchy outside and juicy in the inside.

Soft Shell Crab Harumaki

Eating the Soft Shell Crab Harumaki makes me think about Vietnamese spring roll. A perfect balance of vegetables, crab, and vegetables beautifully wrapped in rice paper.

Buta Bara

I'll never taste barbeque the same way again after I had the Buta Bara at Izumi. Each piece of pork belly chunk has a small piece of fat glazed with den miso sauce making every bite a celestial experience.

Mel enjoying her Buta Bara with a glass of Sake

Portabello Mushroom

I love mushrooms and I love this dish. As simple as the dish sounds, it packs a powerful punch of flavor.

Salmon Steak

This salmon steak is marinated in sake, soy sauce and mirin before it goes on the grill for that smokey taste. Bean sprouts accommodate the dish for a balance in flavor and texture.

Curry Tonkatsu Ramen

Who would have thought Curry Ramen with Tonkatsu go well together great. The ramen and Tonkatsu are served separately to prevent the Tonkatsu to loose its crunch. Chef Baron recommends this dish after a long night of drinking. I concur

Mapo Tofu Ramen

Spicy and savory is the Mapo Tofu Ramen. Although most people prefer the Curry Ramen, I prefer the Mapo Tafu Ramen more because it doesn't have a heavy sauce and the flavor fits me just right

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