Standard Chartered Treats

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Continue using your Standard Chartered credit card to enjoy numerous amounts of treats from different food and sports merchants! Spend at least P2,500, P3,000, P5,000, P8,000 or P25,000 anywhere and get awesome treats and discounts from Pepper Lunch, Gelatissimo, Mrs. Fields, Red Mango, Wine Depot, RUNNR, Toby's Sports, or Urban Athletics. You only need to present your card and valid charge slip to any of these establishments to get your treat. Just like in their previous promo treats, take advantage in making up to three (3) redemptions per day per outlet with up to twenty (20) redemptions per calendar month. Let me reiterate that splitting of a single transaction for the purpose of generating multiple charge slips is not allowed.

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to all Standard Chartered Bank credit cardholders whose cards have been issued locally/here in the country
  • Minimum single purchase transaction of P2,500, P3,000, P5,000, P8,000 or P25,000 anywhere
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Present your Standard Chartered Bank credit card and surrender the original charge slip/transaction to any participating establishments/redemption outlets within the promo period:
  2. For the charge slip to be valid
    • Original customer's copy
    • Name and card number on the charge slip must be the same as the name and card number on the credit card being presented
    • Transaction date must be within the promo period
    • Transaction must be within the required amount
  3. Regardless of the transaction amount, one (1) charge slip is valid for one (1) redemption only
  4. You can use only one (1) charge slip issued by a particular establishment on a given day to redeem the item. Thus, if two (2) or more charge slips are issued by the same establishment on the same day, you can only use one (1) slip while the remaining charge slips will no longer be honored.
  5. You cannot make more than three (3) redemptions at a particular branch of a participating establishment per day. Also, number of redemptions should not exceed twenty (20) per calendar month
  6. To avail of the applicable discount (for purchases at Toby's, RUNNR and Urban Athletics), you cannot combine two (2) or more charge slips to avail of a higher discount on a single purchase
  7. Splitting of a single transaction for the purpose of generating multiple charge slips is not allowed
  8. You may designate a representative to redeem the item. However, the representative must be able to surrender the valid original charge slip and present your credit card
  9. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period:
  • May 22 - July 31, 2012 (Redemption until September 30, 2012)
    • Pepper Lunch
    • Red Mango
    • Wine Depot
    • RUNNR
    • Toby's Sports
    • Urban Athletics
  • June 1 - July 31, 2012(Redemption until September 30, 2012)
    • Gelatissimo
    • Mrs. Fields
Promo Prize:

EstablishmentFree TreatMinimum Charge Slip Amount
Gelatissimo Regular Cup or Cone Gelato - any flavorP3,000
Sundae to GoP5,000
Mrs. Fields Half Dozen Brownie NibblersP2,500
Muffin Trio - any variantP5,000
Pepper Lunch Beef Pepper Rice or Chicken Pepper RiceP5,000
Hamburger and Chicken or Beef YakinikuP8,000
Red Mango Small Frozen Yogurt + 1 Topping - any flavorP2,500
Any Waffle with Yogurt on Top + Hot CoffeeP5,000
Wine Depot 2 bottles of Santa Vittoria Italian Iced Teas or SodasP2,500
Kumala Duals (red or white)P8,000
RUNNR P300 discountP8,000
P1,000 discountP25,000
Toby's Sports P300 discountP8,000
P1,000 discountP25,000
Urban Athletics P300 discountP8,000
P1,000 discountP25,000

  • Many reward options to choose from
  • Redemption until September 30, 2012
  • Up to three (3) redemptions per day, per outlet with up to twenty (20) redemptions per calendar month
  • Representatives are allowed to redeem the item/prize
  • Minimum of P2,500 spend requirement
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