FREE Facebook using Smart

Monday, June 11, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

Smart users can now stay connected on Facebook 24/7 starting today, June 8, 2012. That's because Smart Communications is offering FREE access to Facebook mobile. To use the FREE service, you need to text FB to 211 and click the download link that will be on the SMS sent to you. Follow the instructions to download the Facebook Mobile App. You need to maintain P1 balance to use this service. If you have a mid-range phone, you can just access Facebook by going to Just a word of caution. Make sure you do not click on links that will bring you outside of Facebook or else you will be charged. You have the option to subscribe to the Always On 20 internet service that provides 45 MB of data, valid for 24 hours.

For Android phone users, you should try installing the SmartNet app. It claims to provide FREE Facebook, FREE Twitter, FREE Chat using the application. I tried installing this app on my Android tablet but it's not supported.