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Asia Society Philippine Foundation is holding a Film Festival tonight until May 21, 2012 at Shang Cineplex in Mandaluyong which you can watch for FREE. There will be a lineup of 17 films all being obviously produced in Asian countries. Check the synopsis below. Remember to be there about an hour (or earlier) before screening starts since tickets are distributed on a first come 1st served basis. MTRCB classification may be confirmed at the ticket office.


Dinig Sana Kita
  • A love story between Kiko, a Deaf boy who loves to dance and Nina, a troubled rocker girl who abuses her hearing. Crossing paths in a camp that mixes Deaf and hearing youths, Nina & Kiko discover that they are polar opposites that share a love for music. Set in the calm mountain city of Baguio and the busy city of Manila, the film enters the Filipino Deaf culture and their ability to live normally in the world of hearing.
3 DOA 3 Sinta
  • Huda, Rian and Syahid are students of a small pondok pesantren, an educational and an Islamic religious institution in Central Java. They all have their own emotional turbulence. Huda’s longing for his mother, Rian’s passion for the movies and Syahid’s anger caused by his hard life. Through Dona Satelit, a sexy dangdut singer, Toha, a traveling cinema troupe owner and a militant religious leader, they put their hope into making their dreams come true.
The Guava House
  • Film sketches out a peaceful Hanoi city with much change throughout decades from 1954 to the end of the 80’s. How different society may become, life is always the same in eyes of Hoa, a model of fine art School, who only lives with unchanged memories from the age of 13 after suffering mental illness. His family’s former villa with guava trees has belonged to other owner for decades. Yet everyday, Hoa keeps hanging around with obsession since childhood time in spite of warning and threat from “normal” people. To get rid of abnormal intruder, the villa owner requests to bring Hoa to psychiatric asylum. A dose of tranquilizer made Hoa blank and insentient.
Only Love
  • Souvanh, a recent university graduate, returns to his agrarian village determined to bring sustainable farming practices and a higher quality of life by reopening the village community centre and by constructing an irrigation system. Namphet works to sabotage both Souvanh’s efforts to reopen the centre and Souvanh’s relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Duongchai. When the community centre fails to qualify for a bank loan and a sudden storm results in an injury that places Doungchai’s family at the mercy of Namphet, Souvanh turns to his father for advice and support in order to achieve his goals.
Forever Entralled
  • Born to a family of well-known Peking Opera singers in Beijing in 1894, Mei Lanfang showed a precocious gift for the art. Of the many people in his life dedicated to Peking Opera, some were loving and supportive elders and passionate fans; some were friends who supported him but also used him. He had a wife who stood by him through happiness and hardships, and a confidante who shared his artistic vision. Mei Lanfang not only changed traditional prejudices towards actors, but also made took Peking Opera onto the world stage. More importantly, the spirit of Peking Opera was enhanced because of the dignity he displayed during the Japanese occupation of China.
  • Set in the 1970’s, Dheevari – Fisherman’s Daughter – is a subtle portrayal of the harsh realities of life in a fishing village in Sri Lanka. This compelling film depicts the struggle of a determined young woman to overcome superstition, the ravaging sea and the iniquities of a traditional feudal system, all of which trap her community in a cycle of constant poverty. Nothing less than the determination, perseverance and sheer stubbornness of this young woman which helps blaze the trail leading to change and modernization in their little fishing village.

Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)

  • A film adaptation of Andrea Hirata’s literary work that first appeared on shelves in 2004, based on his childhood memories about his devoted teachers, Muslimah (Cut Mini) and Pak Arfan (Ikranagara), and their ten students (mostly children of poor labourers). The story sensitively captures the struggles of marginalized people to achieve their dreams, the beauty of friendship and it’s ability to save humanity, against the background of what was once one of Indonesia’s richest island, Belitong.


  • Miyakejima, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, is a six-and-a-half hour boat ride away from Tokyo. There have been eruptions every 20 years on this volcanic island. Here, the Noyama family runs a guesthouse in the island’s sixth district. Shin, a primary school pupil, adores a newborn puppy that he has named Rock. In August 2000, Mount Oyama in Miyakejima erupts violently, forcing the Noyama family to evacuate the island. At that time, Rock goes missing. One day, Shin and his family miraculously reunite with Rock at a volcanic hazard animal rescue center. However, dogs are not allowed at the shelter where the family is staying. Rock, already not well, becomes increasingly weak, and the family members do not know when they will return to the island. In this situation fraught with anxieties and conflicts, Shin makes a decision.

Hwang Jin Yi

  • The story follows Hwang Jin Yi, a gisaeng who lived in 16th century Korea. Hwang Jin-Yi was a beautiful, talented and intelligent young woman who was able to read and write well, but because she was an illegitimate child, she had no other recourse but to become a gisaeng where she used her position to gain favor with the noble classes.

Nostaglia for the Countryside

  • Ngu’s husband goes to earn a living far from his family. Everyday, her brother-in-law, Nham, and she did all works of their family. Nham was a newly-grown boy with a sensitive soul. He felt sorry for and sympathized with the situation of his sister-in-law. Quyen was girl of the village who illegally went abroad and now paid a visit to her homeland images and men in the village left a deep and lovely image about the source in Quyen’s heart. Nham joins into the army. Wherever he had, he always missed the bamboo rampart, the fields with all his missed countryside.


  • Losing his parents at very early age, Akio was sent to an orphanage. He is a quitter, never be able to stay in one place, attempts to escape so many times and finally he ends up being sent to a reformatory. It was 1943 when the dark shadow of the war was sneaking up and about to change everything and lead him to such a vagrant life. Many encounters throughout the difficult time, likes of detective Toyama who saved him from hunger by giving a sweet pastry, the White Satan at the reformatory, his forester mother Fusano, Tomiko from the cinema and people from the itinerant company…. but the only thing keep him going amongst the everything was Sweets & Girls the song Yoko, who was a teacher of the orphanage, sang to him. No matter what happens to him, thinking about sweets and singing the song somehow give him the power to live. .
Speedy Scandal
  • NAM Hyun-soo was once a popular idol star among teens and worshiped liked a god. Although he’s in his mid-thirties now, he’s still a sought-after celebrity and the host of a popular radio show. But one day a very young single mom named Jung-nam sends her stories to the radio show that Hyun-soo hosts. Her stories about her longing to meet her father whom she’s never seen before grips the nation and catapults the ratings to make it the most popular program. But to his surprise, Hyun-soo later confronts none other than Jung-nam, and her 7 year-old boy, Gi-dong. Jung-nam and Gi-dong invade Hyun-soo’s home and his radio station, claiming that Hyun-soo is her father. Hyun-soo does what he can to salvage his celebrity image.

The Founding of a Republic

  • The story happened in the 1940’s, after World War II, while the future of war-torn China was undetermined. It represented the major historical event: the founding of the New China’s system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation. For the sake of democracy and people’s interests, the Communist Party of China and other Chinese democratic parties united together to struggle against KMT’s dictatorship and went through all kinds of hardships to obtain the last victory.

Glittering Day

  • Jinyuchi (Golden Fish Pond), a famous big miscellaneous courtyard in Beijing, had an awful living environment and conflicts between neighbors often occurred. Though the residents of the big courtyard often complained, they spend day by day according to routine. To truly improve the people’s life, the government began to transform Jinyuchi. Confronting the issue of having their houses pulled down and moving out, every resident in Jinyuchi had his or her plan. In warm spring when all flowers were in full bloom, the residents of Jinyuchi came to the renovated living quarter to recall the matters that happened in the past. Life continued as usual, but the results differed greatly. They all agreed that they were much happier than before.

Agni Dahaya

  • The film revolves around the lives of an exorsit (Punchirala, loyal to Ambanwala Rala), his assistant (sobana), a woman called Kirimenike (whom Sobana is obsessed with) and her man, Herath. The story unfolds against the backdrop of this political turmoil, the rebellion and counter-rebellion weaving in and out of the inter-play among these characters and the cultural ethos that surrounds them. In the final denouement, the protagonists discover themselves and each other partly as a result of the tumult they live through and partly in spite of it.

Jakarta Maghrib

  • A film with an effort to capture the contemplating big city. The time of Maghrib is the borderline of all relationships, and that is the thread that binds all 6 stories in the film. A married couple (Indra Birowo & Widi Mulia) want to make love in IMAN CUMA INGIN NUR, while a thug and a mosque’s caretaker (Asrul Dahlan & Sjafrial Arifin) have an interesting juxtaposition in ADZAN. In the meantime, residents of a housing complex (Lukman Sardi, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Dedi Mahendra Desta, Fanny Fabriana, Lilis) meet for the first time while waiting for their favourite food seller in MENUNGGU AKI. A couple (Reza Rahadian & Adinia Wirasti) are busy looking for a shortcut in JALAN PINTAS, and a little boy (Aldo Tansani) is scared to death in CERITA SI IVAN. Finally, all characeter eventually meet in BA’DA.


  • The film centers on an illiterate Badjao, Jahid and his 9-year-old daughter Daying as they illegally cross the border of the Philippines and Malaysia through the southern backdoor. Determined to reunite with his wife, he leaves behind everything they have in Jolo to search for his lost wife in Sabah where an uncertain future awaits him. He meets Hernand, who poses as a war photographer as he is drawn into the world of white slavery across the sea border. The two meet as they board the pump boat to the nearest island of Sabah.

Promo Requirements:
  1. Visit for screening schedules
  2. Go to Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza Mall in the scheduled movie dates
  3. First come, first served. Get your FREE tickets at least one (1) hour before the screening to guarantee your pass
  4. Enjoy watching great films!
Promo Period: May 17 - 21, 2012
  • May 17
    • 7:00pm - Dinig Sana Kita
  • May 18
    • 12:30pm - 3 DOA 3 Sinta
    • 3:00pm - The Guava House
    • 5:30pm - Only Love
    • 8:00pm - Forever Entralled
  • May 19
    • 12:30pm - Dheevari
    • 3:00pm - Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)
    • 5:30pm - Wanko
    • 8:00pm - Hwang Jin Yi
  • May 20
    • 12:30pm - Nostaglia for the Countryside
    • 3:00pm - Eclair
    • 5:30pm - Speedy Scandal
    • 8:00pm - The Founding of a Republic
  • May 21
    • 12:30pm - Glittering Day
    • 3:00pm - Agni Dahaya
    • 5:30pm - Jakarta Maghrib
    • 8:00pm - Halaw
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