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It's not enough to simply think about how to get your clothes clean when you do your laundry. Yes, that is the main purpose why you wash your clothes. But if you want to be a smart and economical, you have to consider how to maintain the life of your wardrobe so it lasts longer and looks exactly (or at least close) to when you just bought it. There are numerous ways wherein you can extend the life of your clothes. Below are tips from one of the leading detergent brands - Ariel. Go ahead and share tips and get chance to Win a year's supply of Ariel Stainlift

Ariel Tips to making your clothes last looooonger:
  • Sort your clothes before the wash – separate delicates from cotton and whites from colours. Make sure you zip zippers to avoid snags and remove stray items like gum and tissue from the pockets.
  • Be careful with the iron – Some fabric’s colors fade with direct heat and damage can be done with incorrect heat settings. Some creases disappear as you wear the clothes and may not need ironing anymore.
  • Read labels – fabric care instructions are in the label and should be followed! For tough stains, Ariel 3D Deep clean penetrate the deepest layer of fibers to keep clothes looking like new.

Now for the exclusive promo brought to you by Ariel

Promo Mechanics:
  1. On the Disqus comment form below, post your own tips on how to add more years to the life of your clothes and how you managed to keep your clothes looking like new over the years
  2. From all the entries, a winner will be randomly drawn using
  3. Winner will be emailed and announced on this post
  4. Prize will be delivered within Metro Manila ONLY
Promo Period: April 20 - May 20, 2012

Promo Prize:
  • One winner of a year's supply of Ariel Stainlift (24 x 800g bags)


Here is the drawing results

Congratulations to Janet Tan! You Win a year's supply of Ariel Stainlift (24 x 800g bags). Please check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize!