Promo & Contest Guidelines

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

I need your help. Especially those of you who have joined a promo and/or contest. I few months ago, I wrote that I was planning on creating a set of guidelines or rules that promos and contests should adhere to therefore making it easier for you to distinguish if the promo or contest is fair, just and most importantly, worth joining. Even if I've been blogging about different sorts of promos and contests for over 3 years now, I don't think it would be fair to simply create a guidelines that I think is best for you, the readers. In the end, it's still you who should decide if you will be joining based on the mechanics of it. This is why I'm encouraging you to help me finalize the guideline I drafted. I need your comments, suggestions, and recommendations so I may publish it within this month. If you want to participate in this endeavor, please fill up this Google form so I may send you an invite to the Google document I have created.