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Moviegoers, enjoy your summer vacation watching FREE International Films. Instituto Cervantes in Manila is currently having their film screening of Contemporary Venezuelan Films which includes Zamora, tierra y hombres libres, Postcards from Leningrad, Venezzia, Bolívar, eterno ciudadano de la libertad, and Habana Eva. If you missed the movie yesterday, there are still other films for you to enjoy. Now, if you like short films, 180 Microcinema Festival will be having a FREE Public Screening of the nominated 42 International 3-minute Films for only a day. Here, get to enjoy and be amazed with how filmmakers put all their ideas into a 180-second movie. As always, you should come to the screening schedules at least 2 hours before the film starts to guarantee your pass.

Instituto Cervantes in Manila Film Screening
  • Synopsis:
    • Zamora, tierra y hombres libres
      • Venezuela, in the second half of the 19th century. The polarizatión between Liberals and the Conservative marked the political diary. The social inequalities, inherited from the colony kept the peasants and slaves under the yoke of the oligarqy. Ezequiel Zamora, moved by the deep ideals of freedom, headed a fight which tried to erase the brecha between the opulence of a few and the misfortune of many and deliver equally the land.
    • Postcards from Leningrad
      • During the leftist uprising in the 1960s in Venezuela, a young guerrilla girl, living in secrecy, gives birth to her first daughter during Mother's Day. Due to that, her pictures appear on the newspaper, since that moment they'd have to run away. Hidden places, false disguises and names are the daily life of THE GIRL, the narrator of the story. Alongside with her cousin, they re-live the adventures of their guerrilla parents, building up a labyrinth with superheroes and strategies, in which nobody knows where the reality (or madness) begins. However, this children's game does not hide the deaths, tortures, denunciations and treasons within the guerrillas. The kids want to convert themselves into The Invisible Man, in order to escape from the danger. However, they know that their parents might never comeback and therefore, they'll only receive Postcards from Leningrad.
    • Venezzia
      • The movie is set in 1942 when the United States begins an espionage program in South America due to the potential thread of Nazis submarines in the Caribbean. Venezuela though not officially at war against the Axis powers had been supplying oil to the allies during the Second World War.
    • Bolívar, eterno ciudadano de la libertad
      • "Bolívar Eterno" is one of the first productions of The Villa del Cine. It portrays one of the periods of the life of the Venezuelan liberator, Simón Bolívar, when José Antonio Páez instigated a movement "The Cosiata" with the aim of separating Venezuela from The Big Colombia.
    • Habana Eva
      • George is Cuban, son of exiled parents whose family fled Havana and eventually prospered in exile. His passion for photography took him to meet the geography of his native country and eventualñy his love. Eva is a young girl from Havana who wants to develop her creativity for fashion design and was to marry Angel, a boyfriend in her entire life . Havana became the scene of chance encounters and passionate relationsghips that are spinning a story where love becomes a vehicle to forge a new government.
  • Promo Mechanics:
    1. Visit for screening schedules
    2. Go to Instituto Cervantes,855 T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita Metro Manila on the scheduled screening dates
    3. First come, first served. Get your FREE tickets at least two (2) hours before the screening to guarantee your pass
    4. Enjoy watching!
  • Promo Period: April 16 - April 20, 2012
    • April 16, 6:30PM - Zamora, tierra y hombres libres
    • April 17, 6:30PM - Postcards from Leningrad
    • April 18, 6:30PM - Venezzia
    • April 19, 6:30PM - Bolívar, eterno ciudadano de la libertad
    • April 20, 7PM - Habana Eva
  • Promo Prize:
    • FREE Contemporary Venezuelan Films
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180 Microcinema Festival FREE Public Screening
  • 42 International three-minute Films:
    • Text Message: A Love Story
    • Operation: Double Helix
    • The Forest
    • Grey
    • Maos (Hands)
    • Joyride
    • Nightshift
    • In Time
    • Munting Alay (A Small Offering)
    • The Scriptwriter
    • Table 7
    • Diastole
    • Genesis
    • Thieves
    • Ang Nawawalang Bughaw (Looking For Blue)
    • The Night I Died
    • Cronos
    • Hail of Bullets
    • A Very Very Silent Film!
    • Detective
    • Crok
    • The Winter Stalker
    • Attackazoids, Deploy!!
    • The Maestro
    • Come Find Me
    • Pera (Money)
    • Essence of Love
    • Huling Tawad (Last Haggle)
    • Wala Ka Noong Nag-birthday Ako (My Birthday, Without You)
    • Mail-Order Bride
    • Is It Better?
    • Candy Crime
    • Red Vagary
    • A Sushi Love Story
    • Superheroes Anonymous
    • Tyler
    • A Perfect Blind
    • Spoilt Broth
    • Transience
    • Tea For Two
    • Monday Market
    • Cry Baby
  • Promo Mechanics:
    1. Rush to the Power Plant Digital Cinema, Rockwell Center, Makati City on the scheduled screening date
    2. First come, first served. Get your FREE tickets at least two (2) hours before the screening to guarantee your pass
    3. Enjoy watching as many films as you can
  • Promo Period: April 21, 2012 1 PM - 6 PM
  • Promo Prize:
    • FREE Public Screening of the Nominated 42International 3-minute Films
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