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UPDATE 2: Due to insistent demand, EGL Marketing (the official distributor of Ainol in the Phils) making offer you cannot refuse. NOW the Ainol Advanced 2 is priced at P5,499. This includes a leather case, screen protector and for Boy Kuripot readers, an 8GB micro SD card if you place "Boy Kuripot for Ainol" in the subject title when you order via email. The Ainol Novo7 Advanced II discount promo will be extended until supplies last.

Those who purchased before can can get a rebate in a form of a voucher which you can use to purchase anything from the shop. You also get an upgrade of 8GB micro SD card.

I have a new gadget I'm toying with these past few days. It's small, lightweight, multifunctional and best of all, CHEAP! The gadget is none other than the Ainol Android Tablet. It's proudly made by a Chinese company and distributed here in the Philippines by EGL Marketing Corporation. The model I have now is the Ainol Novo7 Advanced II which is priced at P7,899. As an ongoing promo, if you buy from now until the end of April 2012, you can get it for only P6,999 P5,499 inclusive of a leather case and screen protector. Here's more! Mention you heard this promo from Boy Kuripot and get an additional 4GB (UPDATE: made this to 8GB instead) micro SD card to expand the memory of your Ainol tablet. Wait! There's one more thing. EGL Marketing Corp. in partnership with Boy Kuripot is giving away a brand new Ainol Novo7 Advanced II. Check out my review of the device, details of the promo and how you can Win a new Ainol after the jump.

The packaging of the Ainol Novo7 Advanced II is quite decent. The graphic in front looks as if it is a video game of some sort.

Since it's made in China, most of the text and features are translated directly to English. One thing I found amusing was the label that read "Many CORE." It's supposed to be translated to "Dual Core"

The back of the box are all in Chinese. Some of the images and text in English and in numbers do help in translating it. I've listed down the features of the tablet for your convenience.

Ainol Novo7 Advanced II
  • Pre-installed with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (although you can request for an update in version from the distributor or store that sells the Ainol. The website would later on have a guide to to this as well)
  • CPU Dual Core 1.5 Ghz ARM Cortex A8
  • GPU Mali-400 MO / 3d accelerator open GL
  • 2.0MP Camera
  • Size: 7" 800 x 480 pixels Capacitive 5 points Multitouch screen
  • HDMI out 1.4 (Full HD up to 2160 p support)
  • G Sensor
  • Memory: 512MB DDR, 8GB Nandflash built in
  • Add up to 32GB external memory via micro SD card

SIDE NOTE: It's predecessor, the Novo 7 Basic, was ranked the 5th best tablet by PC Magazine in the recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012.

Unboxing the Ainol Novo7 Advanced II was quick and easy. Simply pull out the main white box from the red box cover using the white cloth ribbon attached to the white box. Open the box from right to left (like how you would read a Chinese book) to reveal the tablet.

The white box has another compartment that stores all the accessories. These include:
  • Adaptor - 110 - 220 volts
  • USB male
  • USB female
  • Earphones
  • Warranty Card
  • Manual (in Chinese although the website has an English version)

The Ainol Novo7 Advanced II comes with a factory screen protector. As you can see there are partial bubbles here and there. Other Android tablets doesn't have a factory screen protector or if they did, you needed to peel it off because there are logo and text printed on it.

The casing and body doesn't look as sturdy as it looks. Pressing the body in some areas produces some squeaks. It might be that those areas aren't sealed properly or doesn't have a good locking mechanism in place.

What it lacks in sturdiness makes up in its weight. The tablet is only 363 grams. That's almost as heavy as a regular can of soda! This means you can carry this around with one hand without straining your arm or wrist. This is usually the case when I carry around the Galaxy Tab 8.9 I use.

Because of the small size, it could also comfortably fit in my deep and wide shorts pocket. Just make sure you don't bump into any hard objects without a casing if you do decide to lug it around in your pocket.

All the slots are located on the left hand side of the Ainol. You have the earphone, micro SD card, microphone (not a slot), USB, HDMI, and AC (power)

Similar to most Android tablets, the control buttons are on the top left hand side of the tablet. There's the power button, the volume control buttons (which can be reconfigured) and a back button.

Speakers are located at the back.

The 2MP camera sits right on the top middle frame of the tablet. The previous models had a camera at the back but they eventually removed that probably because they thought people used tablets to video chat more rather than take photos. It also lowers down the product cost. I personally think it's a good decision. I seldom use my tablet's back camera to take photos or videos anyway.

All Ainol products have this sticker at the bottom of the device for warranty purposes.

Once you boot up the Ainol Novo7 Advanced II, you will be shown a number of Chinese apps. These are the default apps pre-installed on the tablet but you can easily uninstall it using the ES File Explorer app. The language can also be changed to English.

Upon opening the storage settings menu. I found it a bit odd that the storage for apps are separate from the files storage. I'm still asking if there's a way to increase the internal storage for apps. The default 800MB might not be enough for me in the future.

The HDMI cable isn't included in the box when you buy the Ainol Novo7 Advanced II. You can buy it from the distributor for P350. Just a note, the HDMI cable that comes with your HD TVs won't fit on the tablet. The slot on the tablet can only accommodate the smaller HDMI plug.

Here are the best features I think this tablet has.

You can plug in your UBS thumb drive to open, play, or transfer files.

You can even connect some external hard drives that has their own outlet. The external hard drive I have above doesn't work because it requires a certain amount of voltage to be able to properly operate. The tablet isn't able to provide that voltage.

Ainol Novo7 Advanced II can play various file formats and large files up to 1080P seamlessly.

You can use the HDMI cable to play your downloaded or streaming HD videos or photos on your HDMI capable TV and projectors. Since it's HDMI, the audio and video are both transmitted using that single cable. Unfortunately, you won't be able to control the video through your TV's remote but that's not an issue if you get to use the next awesome feature.

The tablet can be used with a RF wireless mouse and keyboard via the provided USB cable. Once you plug the RF USB, the mouse cursor will immediately pop out on the screen. You can control the tablet like a regular PC. When you click on an area that requires text input, you can use the keyboard to type in.

This is how it the screen would look if no keyboard was attached to the tablet

One downside of watching videos on the Ainol is the narrow viewing angle since it only uses TFT screen. This make it harder to watch videos with one or two persons. Then again, would watch videos with another person using the small 7 inch screen? You might as well plug it in your HDMI TV right?

I'm most impressed with its battery life. The standby time can last for days and it can play about 4 movies straight in a full charge and there's still battery remaining. Charging is quite fast too. Battery life is a bit similar to my Galaxy Tab but the charging time is faster for the Ainol.

One thing that I thought was essential that is missing is the GPS. Although it had the capability to track your location via Wifi connection, I usually used offline maps to navigate around the Metro and when I go out of town. For the size of this tablet, it would have been a good GPS navigator.

For some reason, I can't seem to install a few apps I often use. Pulse News to be more specific. It simply says that the device isn't compatible. I'm not sure if it's because of the Android version or because of the device itself that is causing it. I'll update this once I found a solution.

Overall, I think for the original price and the promo price for that matter is fair. For something that packs a whole lot of features, you really get your money's worth. Heck you even get 7 days replacement for defective tablets and 1 year limited service warranty.

I think the Ainol Novo7 Advanced II is great for the following people:
  • Kids and children because it's not as pricey as the popular brand of tablets available now
  • Those who regularly watch HD videos (be it streaming or downloaded) at home. Especially great for those who would like to take advantage of the HDMI capability
  • Those looking for a secondary tablet

Ainol Novo7 Advanced II discount promo

Promo Requirements:
  • Purchase an Ainol Novo7 Advanced II
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Purchase an Ainol Novo7 Advanced II originally priced at P7,899 for only P6,999 P5,499
  2. Get an additional leather case and screen protector for no extra charge
  3. Order by emailing the following details to
    • complete name
    • delivery address
    • contact numbers
  4. Number of units (each buyer can purchase up to 5 units only)
  5. Upon receipt of email, you will receive payment instructions for bank deposit (only bank deposit will be accommodated)
  6. Place "Boy Kuripot for Ainol" in the subject line to get an additional 4GB upgraded to 8GB micro SD card to expand the memory of your Ainol tablet
  7. Delivery is free within Metro Manila
Promo Period: March 23 - April 30, 2012 until supplies last

Promo Prize:

  • Discounted price inclusive of a leather case and screen protector
  • Use Boy Kuripot's name and get an additional 4GB upgraded to 8GB micro SD

And here's the details for the giveaway

Ainol Novo7 Advanced II giveaway

Promo Mechanics:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Complete the Rafflecopter steps above
  2. Winners will be announced 2 days after the giveaway ends and will be informed on Facebook or Twitter and through this blog post
  3. Prizes will be delivered to the preferred address at no extra charge provided it's within Metro Manila
Promo Period: March 24 - April 30, 2012

Promo Prize:
  • One winner of a brand new Ainol Novo7 Advanced II with leather case and screen protector
For more information, log on to