Top 3 FREE Photo Hosting Sites

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

Where do store your photos? On your camera's flash disk? On Facebook? Or maybe on your PC. Well what if it suddenly breaks? Do you have a backup for those oh so precious photos? Consider these Top 3 FREE Photo Hosting Sites I have compiled and selected. These are the services I use for both work and personal photos and images and I have been using all 3 services with a FREE account. I have outlined below the pros and cons of each service so you may select one that best fits you and your usage. I actually use Picasa for my blog work on Boy-Kuripot, Flickr for my personal photos, and Photobucket for my banner ads and other materials. Go ahead and try it if you aren't signed up yet and let me know how it works out for you. Also let me know what other services that deserves to be listed here.


  • FREE 1GB storage space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth (this means your embeded photos will stay up wherever you placed them)
  • Pay $5/yr for 20 GB
  • Photo editor and other nifty features on Picasa web
  • Has a desktop application (which I personally use)
  • For FREE account, photos cannot be larger than 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos cannot be longer than 15 minutes


  • FREE upload of 2 videos (90 seconds max, 150MB per video) and 300MB worth of photos (15MB per photo) each calendar month
  • Pro account is just $1.87 per month (for the 2 year plan)
  • Desktop application ready but some say it's slow and buggy
  • FREE account only provides access to smaller (resized) images (though the originals are saved in case you upgrade later)
  • Easy to embed on different site
  • 300MB bandwidth limit for photos



  • Unlimited upload of web-size images
  • Pro account is just $1.66 per month (for the 2 year plan)
  • 10GB bandwidth limit per month
  • NO desktop application but many upload options available (ex: FTP, Firefox addon, etc)