Register Globe Promos Online

Thursday, March 08, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

Globe launched the *143# access that is supposed to make it "easier" to subscribe to promos and check balance. I don't know about you but it's not working on my Sony Ericsson phone for some reason which is why I revert back the old way of sending a code via SMS. It's not a biggie for me but oftentimes, when I subscribe to a promo, I get rejected because Globe informs there's too many people using the current promo. Although I have some alternatives to this dilemma, I still get annoyed that I can't get the promo I want. Well, here's a latest discovery I found as a workaround to the problem thanks to a blog post guide by Simply log into your account via (you may register your Globe cellphone number to gain access) and choose the Globe promo you would like to subscribe to. I used this method about 3 times now and it works without a hitch. The only drawback is that only a few of the Globe promos are listed but the one I use (Superunli25) is there. Try it for yourselves and see if it works for you too. Say goodbye forever to Globe's rejection to your desired promo subscription.