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Globe strongly believes that there is no better place to start achieving greatness in a child than at home. Globe wants to know your personal childhood memories or your child's story on his/her road to greatness that started at home through a Tattoo@Home Blog Contest. Publish your blog post and Win Samsung phones, Galaxy tablets. The first 20 bloggers to publish their entries will get to Win 4 passes to the Mind Museum.

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My personal moment of greatness was nothing extraordinary. Everybody goes through it at some point in time. It just varies how early or late you get to achieve it. This moment of greatness however is something very special! Everybody looks forward to it and tries to cherish the moment by capturing it though photos.

My personal moment of greatness is my first steps as a baby. Finally standing on both feet and moving one after the other is a feeling that could long be forgotten if not for photos to capture it.

Although all babies eventually do start to walk once they have the strength to do so, having someone to guide and push hastens the process. For me, everyone in my family, my parents, siblings (I'm the youngest) and yaya helped me every step of the way (pun intended). Looking back at these photos, it's really inspirational how such a common yet big achievements could make a huge impact in my life.

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to Bloggers
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Write about Greatness Starts @Home with one of the following topics:
    • IF YOU’RE A PARENT: What is your child’s greatest moment of achievement and how did it all start at Home?
    • IF YOU’RE NOT A PARENT: What is your greatest moment of achievement Who inspired and helped you at Home to achieve it and why?
  2. Include a photo or video of you or your child’s greatest moment of achievement with your post.
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  4. Post the direct link to your blog entry as a comment under this post for you to get qualified.
  5. Globe will be featuring your story on their official Globe Tattoo Facebook page the day after your submission
  6. Judging Criteria
    • 40% Creativity – Does your blog post successfully integrate well-crafted text with engaging images or video?
    • 30% Content – Does your blog post embody what it means to start Greatness at Home?
    • 15% Originality – Does your blog post present your story in a unique way and highlights the subject’s individuality?
    • 15% Interaction on Tattoo’s FB page – Number of likes and comments from unique users about the story on the official Globe Tattoo Facebook page
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Contest Period: February 25 – March 17, 2012

Contest Prize:

  • Twenty (20) winners of 4 FREE PASSES to Mind Museum (scheduled visit on February 28, 9AM-12PM) for the first 20 posts. This will be awarded on Monday, February 27
  • Twelve (12) Samsung Champ phones (Two (2) phones will be raffled off every 2 days to lucky participants for the next 3 weeks)
  • Two (2) Samsung Galaxy Tabs AND Two (2) Samsung Champ phones for the Best Blogs (One (1) from each topic)

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