FREE 30 Day Trial PLDT Fibr

Friday, February 10, 2012 jeffrey 0 Comments

PLDT is currently offering one of the fastest internet services around using the Fiber optic technology. Get internet speeds starting at 8Mbps, 15Mbps or up to 100Mbps. Price is at P3,500, P6,500 and P20,000 respectively. I'm already happy with my Globe broadband connection as it is but when I found out about the FREE 30 Day Trial PLDT Fibr being offered, I went ahead and scheduled installation to test it out. Luckily, I live in one of limited the locations the service covers. If you live in any of the covered areas, try to call them up at 101-Fibr (3427) or the PLDT hotline 171. The Fibr hotline usually doesn't work for some odd reason.

It took the installers almost the whole day to install our PLDT Fibr. Seems that the hardest part was to install the actual Fiber optic wire that they used which was a bit thinner than a regular telephone wire but had a sturdy plastic wire coating. They were quite careful not to bend the wire as this would break the actual optic cable inside which would render it useless.

The wire passed through from the telephone pole in the street and straight through our window type aircon so if you can just imagine, there was an black wire hanging outside our house. I just hope birds don't try perch on it.

When they finally got the wire inside the house, they took out a gadget that measured the output of the end of the fiber optic wire. They say even the smallest amount of dust might slow down or stop the internet so they should check it before they put the wire into the modem.

After a couple more minutes, we had our first connection of PLDT Fibr. We immediately tried to check it's speed to see if it truly delivered as it promised and it did as shown on the screenshot above. Download speed was ad 7.32Mbps, a bit less than 1Mbps as promised but that's usually the case with internet speeds. I tried it again after a few days and the speed remained the same.

Yesterday was the first time the internet connection went down for not more than an hour. I guess I'll have to observe how often this happens.

So here's a summary of what I think about PLDT Fibr


  • Super fast internet connection but do I really need it? It's great for watching videos and downloading/uploading huge content
  • Pricing is quite reasonable. The starting package of 8Mbps is only P3,500 per month (installation fee is waived for the FREE trial accounts once you proceed subscription)
  • Limited locations at the moment
  • Long installation time
  • Wires are exposed and dangling from your window or aircon (as compared to DSL which you can connect in your phone socket)

I'm still unsure if we will continue with the PLDT Fibr given that I'm already satisfied with our current internet speed of 2Mbps which we pay P2,000. I don't download huge amount of data yet so all that extra Mbps is just wasted. Although we watch a lot of streaming videos on youtube and other sites, the loading speed still highly depends on the servers of the website we are watching which usually isn't that fast anyway. And lastly, that instance where the internet connection dropped for less than an our is crucial especially if you need something done within that instance.

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