Win P5,000 from UnionBank & BK

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At UnionBank, you are always more than a 10 that's why starting 11-11-11, they have been awarding customers who are availing an auto or home loan with them. Every successful loan gives each customer a Sodexho GCs and freebies from partner car dealers. Learn more about the Every1's a Winner here. To add to the UnionBank's generosity, they have partnered with Boy-Kuripot to bring you a Twitter Promo where you have a chance to take home P5,000. All you need to do is tweet the answer to the question Why are you more than a 10 in kakuriputan?

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to Filipinos residing in the Philippines for at least a year
  • At least 18 years of age at the time of joining
  • Must have a Twitter account with at least 15 Twitter followers.
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Follow UnionBank's Twitter account
  2. Answer to the question “Why are you more than a 10 in kakuriputan?” tagging @myeasyloans and the hashtag #UB111111 at the end of the tweet.
    • Example: "I am top 10 in kakuriputan because I love budget deals @myeasyloans #UB111111"
  3. You may submit multiple entries (tweets) at most once a day and must follow there guidelines
    • Answers should not be offensive, disparaging or discriminatory to any person or entity, whether living or already deceased
    • Answers should not discredit or dishonor any person or entity, whether living or already deceased
    • Answers should not use language that is impolite, malicious or offensive
    • Answers should not draw out responses that would result to any of the foregoing
    • Answers should not mention or draw out responses about any bank or financial product except UnionBank
      (Note: Some answers that will not be considered for judging include answers about sex, dangerous drugs, violence, crime, discrimination, racism and alcohol; topics related to breast-feeding and pregnancy; topics creating rumors or gossip; or topics making any reference to a specific person/place/brand/product/event)
  4. During the duration and at any stage of the promotion, organizers of
    the promotion may disqualify participants who fail to qualify with the
    qualifications specified in these mechanics and their decision on the
    matter is final.
  5. Boy-Kuripot will select top 3 answers and UnionBank will choose the winner from the top 3 entries based on the following criteria
    • 40% Creativity - innovative, imaginative and out-of-the box
    • 40% Credits - has actual credit; realistic and truthful as determined upon winning
    • 20% UNIONBANK Essence - must embody UnionBank brand personality of customer-focus
  6. The winner will be announced in UnionBank’s Twitter account ( and in this blog post and Twitter account within the 5 days of the after the end of the promo
  7. The winners shall be subject to verification. By verification, organizers of the promotion will contact each winner via their Twitter account to verify whether he/she joined the contest. If he/she cannot be reached or he/she replied in the negative within 30 days from first attempt to contact him or her, organizers shall move on to the next participant with the highest score obtained.
  8. The Twitter account of UnionBank is provided on an "As Is" and "As Available" basis and UnionBank gives no warranties of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise including warranties or representations that materials found on the links therein, including those provided by the participants will be complete, accurate, reliable, timely, non-infringing to third parties; that access to the links found therein, including those provided by the participants will be uninterrupted or error-free; that the links found therein, including those provided by the participants will be secure; that any advice or opinion obtained from links found therein, including those provided by the participants, is accurate or to be relied upon and any representations or warranties thereto are expressly disclaimed.
  9. Cash prize can be claimed on a dinner party celebration happening on February 2012. Unionbank will confirm final date and venue as soon as it's finalized
  10. UnionBank has the right to use all submitted entries in all media for marketing or promotional purposes.
Promo Period:
  • December 19 - 25, 2011
Promo Prize:
  • One winner of P5,000 CASH

For more information, log on to UnionBank MyEasyLoans Facebook page


I had a difficult time selecting top 3 entries for this promo and so did the judges at Unionbank. And the winner of P5,000 CASH is none other than - Kany Vic Perez. He tweeted "Im more 10 in kakuriputan because I use ketchup sachets from fastfud to fill up my own free DIY CATSUP in a bottle! #UB111111 @myeasyloans"

Do you really do that Kany? You should show us that bottle of ketchup when you claim your P5,000 CASH at a dinner event awarding. Please go ahead and email me your details or Direct Message me on Twitter.