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Thursday, December 15, 2011 jeffrey 0 Comments

Here's an interesting website to kill time and possibly win some prizes along the way. is a free, pool betting-style competition site where people predict events and play against each other for prizes. The games are usually about predicting outcome of various events such as those happening in local TV shows, sports, celebrity, news, and others. You place your YeEVents points as bets to the choice you have made. If you made the correct bet, you and other people who selected the same choice will be splitting the whole pot comprised of points. The higher your bet is, the bigger percentage of that pot goes to you. Some of the games have cash prizes and GCs that come along with the points. Those who start early in the game get a head start in earning points and winning points. To start you in the right direction, here are some promos of YeEVents to give you some points to bet with and win you prizes as well.

Register and get 10,000 points

YeEVents Weekly Advocate Awardee

  • Sign Up and Activate your Account at
  • Player/s with at least 100 successful referrals will win P1,000 CASH
  • A referral must activate his or her account first before it can be counted
  • Referrals from Saturday to Friday of every week will be reviewed by the
    Yeevents Team. The winner will be announced starting December 3, 2011

YeEVents Refer a Friend

  • Sign Up and Activate your Account at
  • One successful referral gives you 5,000 YeePoints
  • Generate your Referral Link (located at bottom left part of the Home Page, in the "Invite Friends" section beneath the chat) and send to your friends and ask them to Sign Up.
  • The participant who made the highest referral (which should be at least 250 referrals) will be the winner and will receive P5,000.
  • Promo duration is from December 1, 2011 to March 1, 2012.

Pa-YakiMix Ka Naman!

  • Sign Up and Activate your Account at
  • Like YeEvents on Facebook.
  • Post a Facebook message on your wall “We love playing and winning at @YEEVENTS” Make sure to tag @YEEVENTS and tag 3 of your friends. Include your YeEvents referral link
  • Example: "We love playing and winning at @YEEVENTS, @friend1, @friend2, @friend3.!action=referred_signup&referrer=(username here)"
  • The winner will win an Eat-All-You-Can Dinner Buffet good for 4 people at YakiMix Sushi and Smokeless Grill Restaurant. The winner can choose which branch of YakiMix and the schedule of the dinner.
  • Promo starts on December 5, 2011 until January 5, 2012. Entries will be raffled on January 6, 2012.

Win a Samsung Galaxy Mini Promo

For more information, log on to