Venice Piazza Platter for 8

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More reason to hang out with your friends, colleagues or family at Venice Piazza with their new line-up of awesome food and drinks that's won't hurt your wallet. For all weekends of October until November 2011, Venice Piazza in partnership with 14 of its restaurants offers a promo called Platter for 8. For P800, get a an assortment of food on a party platter plate good for a group of 8 or less. If you're in the mood for some drinking and chilling, you can avail of the Everyday Happy Hour promo happening everyday from 4PM to 8PM starting October until December 31, 2011. Extend your budget with P30 per bottle of ice cold beer or P40 buy 1 take 1 on The Bar mixed cocktails (on weekends only).

Platter for 8 promo

I was invited to try out the dishes offered in the Platter for 8 promo. There are a total of 14 restaurants in Venice Piazza that you can select from namely Blackwood Bistro, Pinchos, Red Crab Alimango House, Carlo's Pizza, Empire Deli and Restaurant, KBOP, Kuse, Little Asia, Old Vine Grille, Ramen Bar, Sol Gelato, Sweet Pea, Tokyo Cafe, and Stackers Burger Café. You can browse though all the dishes here

Since it the dishes was good for 8 people, I had to recruit some of my friends and family. There were only 5 of us in total since only 5 of us only fit in a car haha.

Empire Deli's Empire Italian's Platter

Empire Deli's Italian's Platter was huge. The chicken was fat and meaty. The waiter went ahead and cut the chicken for us. It was juicy and cooked to perfection. The sauce wasn't bad either. The salad was fresh and tasty, a perfect start for our meal. The pasta was enormous (not exaggerating here). It was literally a pile of pasta mixed with olives, cheese, tomato sauce and some herbs.

KBOP Korean Group Meals Platter

Next up was Korean cuisine from KBOP. Everybody loved the japchae noodles. The noodles was simply chewy and the flavors was a delight to the taste buds. The semi-spicy squid had mixed reviews. Me, Mel and my friend Chris liked it but my mom and sister wasn't a fan of it. I didn't quite appreciate the dimsum dish (not sure what it was). The platter had 8 bowls of rice but none of us planned to eat rice that night so we returned it. I hate wasting food even if it's as simple as rice.

Stacker's Burger Cafe Ass'm Party Platter

Stacker's platter had a pretty awesome name. On one plate served cheese sticks, fried chicken and fries and on another plate was a small dish of spaghetti not really good for sharing with 8 people. It was like eating at Jollibee. You have a chicken that taste a lot like Jollibee, especially with the sauce. And you have the spaghetti which also tastes like that of Jollibee's. But don't get me wrong, the chicken was superb. I also loved the cheese sticks although I hoped they included spicy salsa as a dip.

Little Asia Symphony of Flavors
Little Asia's Asian Platter

We were pretty much full at this point but the tasting must go on! I have been to Little Asia a few times already and their food never seem to disappoint me. My mom craved for the satay noodles. The satay flavor really brought out the best in this dish. Equally tasty and satisfying was the squid, chicken and pork. I loved the flavor of the Chinese style fried chicken. It's like a cross of Savory and Andoks. Great food from Little Asia!

Carlo's Pizza Fantastic Four Platter

The Fantastic Four platter from Carlo's Pizza would probably be best accommodated by alcohol. The platter is more like a bar chow. You have onion rings, buffalo chicken, potato wedges and some chips. I'm sorry to say but for me, it's not really worth the P800

The Red Crab Alimango's House Arianne's Platter

Arianne's Platter by Red Crab is plated with an assortment of seafood. In the middle is a large amount of rice. 4 kinds of sauce are at the side. Unfortunately, at this point, we were so full that we couldn't even take another bite.

Sol Gelato Cheaper by the Dozen

Of course we always make some room for dessert! Sol Gelato's platter is comprised of 12 scoops of different flavors of their delectable gelato. It reminded me of the huge ice cream bowl served in Peninsula. Everybody gasped when it was first placed on the table. It was so photogenic. I tasted, and guessed, one flavor after another with every spoonful of the creamy goodness. I wonder if you can just get your favorite flavor instead of a mix of all the flavors.

Happy Hour Promo

Buy 1 take 1 Cocktails for P40

I found out that the cocktail promo that was gong to be served at all restaurants were mixed drinks by The Bar. They have 4 flavors all in all. I liked the citrus mix and margarita mix the best. The buy 1 take 1 cocktail promo is available only on weekend though.

P30 per bottle of beer

If you're the beer kind of guy (or girl), then you can just get a bottle of beer for P30 from 4PM - 8PM. At least this way, the earlier you drink, the earlier you can get home and get some sleep haha.

Appetite Restaurant Festival

On a similar note Appetite magazine in partnership with Shangri-la is celebrating their anniversary with an Appetite Restaurant Festival happening from October 14 - November 30, 2011. Participating restaurants and Shangri-La will be offering special menu for prices under P1,000. Check it out at

For more information, call the Megaworld Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888, 0917-8380111. Learn more about the Happy Hour promo here and about the Platter for 8 promo here