SMB's Alcoholic Malt Beverages

Wednesday, October 05, 2011 jeffrey 0 Comments

I never really were a fan of beer. At parties and get-togethers I usually go for hard mixed drinks or cocktails. The thing is in most places, my beloved cocktails are hard to come by which leaves me the option of drinking beer or water. Well, good thing I recently discovered San Miguel Brewery's latest line of Alcoholic Malt Beverages - Apple and Lemon beers! It's a great refreshing alcoholic beverage that has way less bitter taste than regular beer while having a strong fruity flavor.

It was my first time to get a taste of the SMB's Apple flavor beer at the Manila leg of SMB's Octoberfest, which by the way is still ongoing until October 28, 2011. Mel was the one who actually noticed bottle of Apple beer when she saw an empty one on our table. Since there were unlimited bottles of beer in the VIP area where we, the media, as well as performers hung out, we went ahead and tried one out.

Odd Beer Out

The bottle was just as elegant looking as those other bottles of SMB beers. Both the Apple and Lemon beer used a white translucent glass bottle that had a sticker revealing a green banner containing the type of flavor and of course centered by that familiar SMB logo. We opened the perfectly chilled Apple beer and took the first sip. The first think that came to mind was apple juice. It tasted so much like one of those apple juice box you find in the grocery but with a hint of beer. It was quite nice. It had the right sweetness of apple and that right amount of beer. It's like a beer cocktail!

I also bought the Lemon flavored beer to see how it tastes. Unlike the Apple, it had a slight hint of Lemon flavor. The flavor of the beer is more prominent in the Lemon than it is with the Apple so I think beer drinkers would appreciate this more.

I usually couldn't drink more than 2 bottles of beer but considering how light this was on the belly, I figure I could probably drink 5 bottles of this in one sitting especially if it's one of those hang out sessions. Dudes and dudettes alike will get to appreciate this drink. Why even heavy beer drinkers might like it too

I think this Apple and Lemon beer is perfect for those like me who find beer too bitter for the taste bud to appreciate. I would also recommend this for those just beginning to drink beer so you get to appreciate the beer slowly. Although I haven't tried it, I imagine it would be a nice to drink this in the day or while eating lunch or dinner.

For more information, log on to the Facebook page of San Miguel Lemon Apple