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Monday, September 19, 2011 jeffrey 0 Comments

With so many group buying websites sprouting faster than I could count them, you must be wondering why I didn't make a post on it yet. Well, rather than I make a post on the list of group buying sites and update it one by one as they come and go. My partners in Awesome.ph came up with a better idea - Kuripons.com. No longer do you have to subscribe to each group buying sites' mailing lists and clutter your email. Just subscribe to Kuripons.com and get an email once a day on the latest deals in the Philippines.


What is Group Buying?

Before we do start talking about Kuripons.com. It would probably be best to get a bit of a background on what group buying is, especially for first timers who heard of it just now. Group buying started with the site Groupon.com in the US. The concept revolves around "collective buying" or in layman's terms, buying in groups or bulk. The more products you buy, the bigger the discounts you should be able to get.


Group buying is great for partner merchants because they get tons of exposure for the deal, given that the website has a substantial amount of traffic already. Merchants agree on the discount offering of their service plus a commission rate for each coupon sold by the group buying website. Best of all, merchants don't have any upfront cost. They only pay for the cost of getting each new customer

Group buying is also great for consumers like you and me who likes to take advantage of the deal offering. We get to try out the product or service for a discounted price. Now who would be crazy enough to say they don't like that right?

Regardless of how each group buying sites say how they do things differently, they must admit that they owe it all to Groupon. It was Groupon that ignited this business model. I would be lying if I said that we didn't start our website Awesome.ph because of Groupon.


Keeping track of all the group buying websites here locally are like keeping track on how many times you sent an SMS on a day. That's just one side of the picture. You also need to keep track, or at least note, of the group buying sites that are competent on delivering their deals.

Kuripons.com does all that and more for you. Kuripons only selects websites that are active and offer legitimate and fair deals. Best of all, it get's delivered to your email inbox in one organized manner, one day at a time. NO more cluttered group buying site emails. You could also choose to subscribe via Twitter of Facebook although you might miss a good deal if you weren't able to catch it.

Kuripons.com currently lists almost all local and active group buying websites in the Philippines.

Soon enough, we will put more developments into the site to make it more useful for everyone.

For more information, log on to kuripons.com/metro-manila/ like us on Facebook.com/Kuripons