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Introducing the return Flapjacks' four favorite dishes. Due to insistent public demand, Flapjacks finally gave in and introduced the comeback menu dubbed Back... Better... Best! The four dishes include Mango Exotica, Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana, Lemon-Pepper Pan Seared White Fish, and The Original Hashbrown Burger. Why these awesome foursome was removed from the menu is a mystery but all that's important is that they are back.

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Mel and I headed over to Flapjacks Greenhills branch a couple of days ago. I was actually quite apprehensive to go back to Flapjacks given that the first time I ate their food back in Greenbelt when they opened was well... let's just say I wasn't satisfied. Maybe it was because they just newly opened that time but nevertheless, that experience stuck with me.

I wanted to give Flapjacks a second chance and was I sure glad I gave them that chance.

Food came out within 10 mins. Impressive!

We ordered all four dishes of the Back... Better... Best! menu. First we started with the Mango Exotica salad. It's a combination romaine lettuce, California raisins, almonds, croutons, grilled chicken with tangy mango vinaigrette. I really loved it. It the combination of all the flavors was great. I usually don't like the flavor of raisins but this dish complimented it in such a way that it didn't bother me at all. The California raisins was a nice touch as well. Mel didn't like the mango vinaigrette so much because it had a bit of cilantro in it.

Mango Exotica - P195 (Lunch size)

Next up was the Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana. It used that thick Linguini pasta soaked with marinara sauce topped with 4 slices of stuffed chicken breast and cheese. I liked how each bite had that sweet and sour taste of the marinara sauce. The chicken was tender and juicy. This dish was cooked to perfection.

Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana - P325

A light, healthy and simple dish yet outstanding! The Lemon-Pepper Pan Seared White Fish had a slab of thick slice of Dory seasoned with pepper with a side herb rice and veggies. There's a slice of lemon on top so we could control the zest we wanted our fish to have. I appreciate the fact that they used olive oil in this dish. Although the Dory most often gives that pungent fishy taste, the seasoning balanced out that flavor.

Lemon-Pepper Pan Seared White Fish - P295

The only burger I know who used a combination of hashbrown and beef as patty is the Jollibee hashbrown burger. Now I know two! Flapjacks The Original Hashbrown Burger stacks a thick beef patty and hashbrown along with slices of tomatoes and lettuce. Looking at The Original Hashbrown Burger in front of me, I wasn't expecting that it would be anything out of the ordinary. But when I took the first bite, it blew my mind and taste buds. It was a mouthwatering treat. I loved the combination of the hashbrown and burger patty as well as the veggies. I appreciate that there was no ketchup because it would only ruin the flavor of the whole burger. Yes I know a lot of you probably disagree with me but a good burger should be able to deliver that fantastic flavor without the help of the ketchup. I don't know how they made the burger patty but it was juicy and flavorful. Yum!

The Original Hashbrown Burger - P350

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For more information, log on to flapjacks.com.ph


Did you guess my favorite dish right? Well of all the back better best dishes, I liked the Original Hashbrown Burger the most. It's simply delicious. I'll definitely return one of these days for a round 2.

Congratulations is in order for @cutecgelo. You won a P1,000 GC. I'll send you a PM on Sunday on Monday for further instructions.