Western Union Challenge

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UPDATE: Added 2 blogs to the list. See below

Western Union has been globally known to have established its services in connecting people from telegrams, facsimiles and satellite communications. In celebration of their 160th anniversary, they have sponsored fifteen (15) blog sites to spread the word about Western Union Challenge - a hunt for the most networked person in the globe. Take the challenge and get a chance to Win SM Sodexo gift certificates with each of the blogs. Check out any of the participating blogs for a clear idea on how their contest runs.

Contest Requirements:

  • Facebook and Twitter active users
Contest Mechanics:

  1. Check out any of the following blog sites who are hosting their network challenge contest.
  2. Visit Western Union website and log on using your personal Facebook account
  3. Take the Western Union challenge
  4. Capture a screenshot of your world as presented in the app of Western Union World (similar to the image on top of this post)
  5. Share or tweet your index score and include the blog post link of any of the above mentioned sites
  6. Answer any of the two (2) questions:
    • What are the 3 sections/pages of westernunionworld
    • What company invented the singing telegram in 1933?
  7. Post a comment on the author's blog where you joined or submit your answer and Your World screenshot via the email address provided
  8. Complete contest mechanics vary from blog hosts
Contest Period:

Contest Prize:


  • Lots of blogs which means more chances to join
  • Online entry

  • Easy to do

  • Mechanics from other sites are not clear
For more information, log on to westernunionworld.com