Globe Sakto VS Reg Calls

Friday, July 08, 2011 jeffrey 0 Comments

Globe Sakto Calls has been around since last year. I have been using it religiously because I usually keep calls short from my Globe to another Globe or TM number. When it launched, the rate was P0.10 per second. There was even a time where you could call on Sundays and you only get charged P0.05 per second. Simply amazing. But I'm sure some of you, my sister for one, who are using this service aren't aware that Globe currently increased the rate of Sakto calls to P0.15 per second. Now if you compute the current rate of making a Sakto Call VS making a regular call to a Globe or TM mobile (P6.50 per call), it would appear that the call will be cheaper if you use Sakto call only within 43 seconds (P0.15 per second x 43 seconds = P6.45). One second past that and you are better off with making a regular call. Is really worth the hassle of deciding if you will avail of the promo and adding that extra 232 prefex and at the same time rushing your conversation? What are your thoughts?