Ristras Quick Delivery

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Unknown 0 Comments

Ola amiga! Ok that was lame but I feel like I was in Mexico when I got to try out some dishes at Ristras delivered by Quick Delivery. Ristras serves a wide variety of Mexican dishes that will definitely fill your appetite. Those planning to have food delivered from Ristras should prepare for large servings and mouthful of flavors.


I ordered Ristras via Quick Delivery through phone. The ordering process of Quick Delivery was quite similar when you order at Ristras. They presented me choices of what ingredients, sauces and the kind of bread I wanted for each of the items I ordered. I was a bit overwhelmed with the multitude of choices but the agent was quite helpful enough to assist me on what best fits what.


I my order from Quick Delivery went pretty fast. In about an hour, I got my delivery. The food was still warm. Everything was packed nice and neat. I just wished there was a way to minimize on the packaging. I just hate having more trash to deal with. Not good with the environment.

Quesadilla - P330

One of the dishes I ordered was the Quesadilla with the Al Pastor filling with a flour tortilla. Mel loved the Quesadilla because of the richness in flavor. I loved it as well for the harmony of the cheese, meat and tortilla. Drizzle it with some sour cream and it's a knockout

Burrito - P340

The Burrito I ordered had the steak carne asada which was the bestseller beef filling in Ristras. It was wrapped with chorizo brown rice, pinto beans and green chili sauce in a whole-wheat tortilla. I remember that the Quick Delivery agent advised me that the green chili sauce was a bit on the sour side but I still chose that given that I would like to see how it tastes.

The flavors were ok but weren't extraordinary. The mix of ingredients excited my taste buds however I regret choosing the green chili sauce because I think it doesn't really blend well with the whole burrito. That's what exciting about Ristras, you try out their food one with different combination of ingredients and you find out what best suits you. It's just a matter of remembering what you liked and didn't like.

Chimichanga - P320

The last and my most favorite was the Chimichanga. Just saying the word makes me want to break into dance. To make it different with the Burrito, I chose grilled chicken (also a best seller) with chorizo brown rice, pinto beans and red chili sauce wrapped in whole wheat tortilla. The tortilla had that brown outer crust that gives it that baked look.

I loved this the best because of the wonderful flavor combination. The Chimichanga was already great on it's own but with the avocado, tomato, tomato sauce and greens, this dish is a winner. The smokey flavor of the red chili sauce definitely made a huge impact on the dish as well. Try out this combination and see if you like it. I recommend it.

There were 3 of us eating the food. Me, Mel and my sister. The servings were so huge that we weren't even able to eat half of it. I ate the leftovers the next day and still loved it.


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