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No two feet are alike. It may not appear like there's much difference in looks but you will notice it once you start running, a lot! Everyone has a more prominent foot just like everyone has a prominent hand. You prominent foot tends to exert more effort than the other which disrupts alignment, stability and comfort. Somnio running shoes addresses this problem with the world's first customizable shoe. Bloggers, get a chance to Win a pair of Somnio Mission Control. Details below.

Everything nowadays are customizable. Phones, computers, apparel, cars so why not shoes? Each individual has unique biomechanics (science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body). With the Somnio configuration, runners will achieve proper support of foot structures and foot pressure which play a key role in minimizing injuries while increasing better performance.

Somnio has a variety of shoes that is suited for different kinds of training and activity. It also covers individuals that have distinct foot types.

All Somnio shoes comprises interchangeable Varus Wedges, Foot Beds, Durometer (cushioning) inserts, Mid-sole Durometer inserts. All of which comes in 3 options.

The Varus Wedges corrects the subtalar joint alignment. The Foot Beds, placed on top of the Varus Wedges, supports arch structures. The Durometer inserts provides the right shock absorption for the heel while the Mid-sole Durometer inserts provides shock absorption for the mid-sole (just below your big toe).

To identify the best shoe for your biometric, Somnio designed a Laser Alignment System device that measures foot balance, arch and obviously alignment. The system has some resemblance to those in Runnr stores.

The Somnio Gait Analysis Software also helps in distinguishing how to correct your alignment

You may constantly reconfigure or re-customize your shoe depending on your runs. For instance, if you plan to run a long marathon, you can switch to a less density durometers to provide additional comfort.

I got a Somnio Pacemaker 2 that was already configured to my biometrics. As you can see, the parts comes in 3 pairs depending on the customization you want.

If you notice, the durometers are labeled right side up and upside down. This is because the durometers can be used in either left or right shoe so you won't be confused

Everything is quite balanced for me. I have the same density cushioning and mid-sole inserts and foot beds. But since my feet aren't aligned when running, I had a different varus wedges in my shoes.

I've taken this out recently for a test run of about 3KM. Like any new shoe, the fit felt new and a bit awkward. After running a few minutes, I didn't feel much of a difference. I therefore concluded that you really need to be a regular runner to get the full benefit and functionality of this shoe. I guess that's just right since Somnio's tag line is "Built for the Long Run"

Somnio shoes are available at all GBX Stores and Botiques. There are also FREE testing systems in the stores. Better call them up first to check if they already have it in place.

Contest Requirements:
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Contest Period: Submission Deadline is on April 26, 2011

Contest Prize:

  • 1 winner of a Somnio Mission Control running shoes (worth P7,395)

  • FREE to do
  • Somnio shoes are worth a LOT!
  • Open to bloggers only