GSM Party Flavors

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The heat of the summer still hasn't kicked in. Just the perfect weather to drink to the newest product of Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI), the Ginebra San Miguel Flavors. Packed in a classy transparent long neck bottle and metallized label, this low-alcohol party drink is most suited for partying and hanging out with your barkada. The GSM Flavors comes in two variants - Lychee and Apple

Like to win yourself a Ginebra San Miguel Flavors gift pack? Read on...

Ginebra San Miguel invited us bloggers to experience the GSM Flavors by throwing a barkada party in one of the nice apartments in Makati. We ate great food and played silly games as we partied the night away. We gulped down different cocktail mixes that used GSM Flavors.

To be honest, vodka is my preferred cocktail mix of choice. But after trying different mixes of GSM Flavors, I have to say I may like gin as well. The taste was great and the hit was just right. I tried it on the rocks (ice) and it wasn't bad either. However I still prefer and recommend having it as a mixed drink so you don't get the buzz too fast and hard.

We tried 3 mixes that night. Lychee chill, apple spritz and lychee kiss. The recipe of which are indicated below.

Apple Flavored Spirit

Apple Fizz
  • 30mL GSM Apple Flavored Spirit
  • 15mL Magnolia Lemonade
  • 15mL Mixx Lime Juice
  • Bar Spoon Simple Syrup
Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Strain in a martini glass. Garnish with appple wedge

Apple Spritz

  • 30mL GSM Apple Flavored Spirit
  • 30mL Mixx Lime Juice
  • 60mL Sprite
Place first 2 ingredients in a High Ball Glass with ice. Fill with Sprite

  • 30mL GSM Apple Flavored Spirit
  • 30mL Sour Mixx
  • Bar Spoon of Mixx Blue Curacao
Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a Rock Glass

Lychee Flavored Spirit

Lychee Chill
  • 30mL GSM Lychee Flavored Spirit
  • 15mL Magnolia Lemonade
  • 15mL Mixx Lime Juice
  • Bar Spoon Mixx Grenadine Syrup
Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Strain in a martini glass. Garnish with lychee wedge

Lychee Coolers

  • 45mL GSM Lychee Flavored Spirit
  • 30mL Magnolia Lemonade
  • 15mL Mixx Lime Juice
  • 45mL Sprite
  • 7.5mL Mixx Grenadine Syrup
Place first three ingredients in a High Ball Glass with ice. Fill with sprite and add Mixx Grenadine Syrup

Lychee Kiss
  • 30mL GSM Lychee Flavored Spirit
  • 30mL Lychee Puree
  • 7.5mL Mixx Strawberry Syrup
Shake all and pour all ingredients into a rock glass

Here's a complete list of the mixes with measurement for both bottles and single serving. GSM Flavors Recipe Cards

Grab a bottle of Ginebra San Miguel Flavors with your friends at the nearest Puregold, Ministop, 7-11, South Supermarket or Andoks. Each 700mL bottle costs around P60

Now here's how you can win one of 5 gift packs of GSM Party Flavors

Promo Requirements:
  • Open to ages 18 and above only
Promo Mechanics:
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  11. Prizes must be picked up at Ginebra San Miguel, Inc., 3/F San Miguel Properties Centre, St. Francis Street, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila Philippines within 2 months after notification of winners
Promo Period: April 10 - 17, 2011

Promo Prize:
  • 5 winners of a Ginebra San Miguel Flavors gift pack containing 2 bottles of Ginebra San Miguel Flavors (Lychee and Apple bottle) and a pair of slippers


You know what? I'm a bit scared about you guys because most of you correctly answered my favorite GSM Flavors mix, the Lychee Kiss. How did you know?! haha.

  1. Maya Briones
  2. Kimberly Calub
  3. Lyn Ignacio
  4. Theresa Montino - Please allow messaging (PM) on Facebook so I can inform you on how to claim the prize. Or you can also email me at
  5. Anna Mae Bongosia
To the 5 winners, congratulations for having the correct guess. I'm sending you a Facebook PM on how to claim you prizes. Thanks for joining everyone!